01/8Don't let rejection get to you, here's how you can deal with it

Don't let rejection get to you, here's how you can deal with it

Rejection is one of the worst things a person can feel emotionally. Your heart sinks, your eyes well up and it feels like nothing will ever be right again. And we're sure that everyone has faced rejection of some form at least once in their lives be it from a partner, a friend or even a job. But that doesn't mean you should just sit and sulk and stay mad at the world forever. Sure, it hurts but there are things you can do and opt for that will bring back those rays of sunshine in your life. So, if you're feeling the heartbreak of rejection, here's all you can do to deal with it. Take a look.


02/8Don't force anything

Don't force anything

No matter who or what we've faced rejection from, what's important to remember is that we cannot force our feelings upon someone. If someone doesn't want to be with you, it's their choice and you must accept it. As hard as it sounds, it's better to let some things go rather than to try and force them.


03/8Distract yourself

Distract yourself

Just because one person has given up on you doesn't mean you don't have other friends or family that you can hang out with. Take this as an opportunity to spend more time with them or do something else that makes you happy.


04/8Move on

Move on

Yes, this one person hurt you. And yes you feel like you will never love anyone again or let yourself be vulnerable again but that's not how feelings are supposed to work. Try to move on from this person and let other people give you the love you deserve.


05/8Don't do to them what they did to you

Don't do to them what they did to you

Revenge is a dish best served cold but sometimes all that rage and hatred can consume you. Just think, if something has ended there's a reason for it to happen and instead of focusing on those people and those things you should try to find your happy place and move on. Not all relationships are meant to last forever and if you plan revenge, aren't you just as bad as them?


06/8Spend time by yourself

Spend time by yourself

Even if you're someone who feels a little awkward by themselves it's advisable that you spend time alone. Go shopping by yourself or go out for some dessert or head to the theatre for a movie. Your mental health and peace of mind comes first. Not only will this help take your mind off of certain people but it will also remind you that you can have fun by yourself too.


07/8Figure out what's bothering you

Figure out what's bothering you

After everything, if you're still unable to determine what it is that's truly bothering you then instead of pushing your feelings away you should try to get to the root of them. Figure out what exactly it is that's bothering you. Maybe you didn't get a chance to voice your concerns or maybe you feel like you've been wronged completely. Once you can determine what the issue is you can work on finding a solution.


08/8Don't depend on people

Don't depend on people

It's human nature to start depending on the people we term as 'good'. These people can be our friends or family or anyone we're close to but that doesn't mean that they'll always be like that. People change. And while some may bloom and become better individuals, others only become worse. So, if you're feeling like you're holding on to someone who's not worth your time and space, just let them go.