01/5Here’s how you can make a DIY toner for your skin type

Here’s how you can make a DIY toner for your skin type

Let’s get one thing straight, toners aren’t just bottles filled with purified water. Toners help in removing any lingering residue of dirt or makeup, corrects uneven skin tone and helps tightens the pores. They’re an essential step in the skincare routine and need to be done in the morning and in the night. Naturally, this means people usually run out of toners far too soon. So, in the interest of saving some moolah and some time (to out and shop) we thought we could share a few DIY toner recopies, that won’t cost you much but will get the job done. All you have to do is, assemble the ingredients, shake it in a bottle, apply to a cotton pad, and gently swipe over cleansed skin. Read on to know what these DIYs are.


02/5DIY Toner For Sensitive Skin

DIY Toner For Sensitive Skin

Toners for sensitive skin are usually hydrating and gentle – to combat the skin from getting inflamed. The hero ingredients for this purpose – rose water and aloe vera. Both the ingredients are known to work magically for inflamed skin. Imagine what their combo would be like! For the toner, mix equal parts of rose water and aloe ver. This mix is also bursting with antioxidants to brighten the skin and fight free radicals that cause premature aging.


03/5DIY Toner For Acne-Prone Skin

DIY Toner For Acne-Prone Skin

To tame this type of skin that pops up anytime with a brand new breakout, it needs to be relaxed and soothing. Tea tree oil along with a generous helping of chamomile tea works wonders.For the DIY, brew two tea bags with one cup boiling water, when cool remove the tea bags and combine with 2 drops of tea tree. This toner will fight acne bacteria and also help calm and rebalance the skin, correcting uneven skin tone.


04/5DIY Toner For Normal Skin

DIY Toner For Normal Skin

The malic acid found in apple cider vinegar makes it one of the most powerful antifungal ointments, which makes it great at keeping breakouts at bay. It’ll also help rebalance the skin’s pH level, and as it contains AHAs, it’ll gently exfoliate the skin. Green tea is super potent too, as it’s a rich source of caffeine and is full of skin-saving antioxidants that protect the skin. For the DIY , brew two tea bags with one cup boiling water, when cool remove the tea bags and combine with 1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar.


05/5DIY Toner For Oily Skin

DIY Toner For Oily Skin

Witch hazel is THE ingredient for oily skin as it’ll help remove any excess oil from the skin while controlling oil production. Hydrating aloe vera will also help absorb any oil, sebum or dirt in your pores making them appear smaller, as it’s a natural astringent, while simultaneously hydrating the skin. For the DIY, mix ½ a cup of rose water with ½ cup of witch hazel and ¼ drop of aloe vera.