01/8Learn the art of taking charge of your day

Learn the art of taking charge of your day

Having a solid morning routine is so important. It gets you going and it sets the mood for the day and yet most of us don’t seem to get it right. Mornings are almost synonymous with feeling tired, sluggish or stressed, and while a bad night of sleep has a role to play, it can’t be the only one to blame. What you think, what you eat or even how you get up from bed has a role to play in this. You might think a certain bunch of ‘healthy’ morning habits may be helping you out, but are actually doing you wrong. So, before you confuse yourself any further, we give you list of ‘’healthy’ morning habits that are actually harmful for your health.


02/8Having Lots Of Carbs

Having Lots Of Carbs

Carbohydrates are good for you. But having a carb-heavy breakfast without any protein, makes your body go in a sugar-crash and leaves you tired by lunch. Have a whole breakfast of proteins, fiber and carbs.


03/8Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast

While it’s perfectly alright to hold on to your breakfast for an hour, cuz you don’t feel hungry, we wouldn’t advise you for skipping breakfast altogether. So you may think you may be saving on those calories, but your body misses it terribly. Skipping any meal is not a good practice," she says, "as your brain needs fuel throughout the day.


04/8Taking A Really Hot Shower

Taking A Really Hot Shower

Hot showers might feel relaxing a great way to start the day, but isn’t that great for your skin. This is especially true for people with dry skin. Hot showers can also increase inflammation on skin in case had a recent injury. Cool showers on the other hand are pretty darn healthy for the skin and also perfect to depuff the face.


05/8Jumping Right Out Of Bed

Jumping Right Out Of Bed

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t waste a breath after hearing the morning alarm, you may not be actually seizing the day, as much as you’d like to think. Neurotherapists are of the opinion that rushing around puts the body under stress that it can do away with. It’s especially not recommended for people who suffer from anxiety. So if you’re throwing those covers at the word go, slow down a little. Take a minute or two to lay on bed, and then go on with the day.


06/8Hitting the snooze button too many times

Hitting the snooze button too many times

But on the other hand, you wouldn’t want to be in bed longer than intended too. So if you’re hitting the snooze button so hard that it can be rendered useless, it is doing more harm than food. Hitting snooze has an impact on the brain. When you hit snooze, your brain goes into another sleep cycle and it’s woken up in the next ten minutes, leaving you feel groggier and sluggish than before. This issue is called sleep inertia.


07/8Checking Your Phone

Checking Your Phone

While staying in touch with your friends and work is an admirable quality, it isn’t so much when it comes to your health. Seeing missed notifications, emails and messages first thing in the morning can trigger up anxiety and stress. It can change up your mindset for the entire day. Allow yourself a few minutes by yourself before you allow the enormity of your day get to you. Brew up a tea, meditate for a few minutes and then check your phone.


08/8Having A Glass Of Juice

Having A Glass Of Juice

Juices may come in the healthy spectrum of a diet, but aren’t exactly nutrient-dense to quality as a morning snack. The problem with juices is that they’re devoid of any fiber, which only leaves your juice with a whole lot of sugar. Having a sugary drink in the morning spikes up your blood sugar and crashes just as soon, making you tired only in a few hours.