01/7Stuck in an unequal relationship? Here's what you should do

Stuck in an unequal relationship? Here's what you should do

In today's world, we all tend to become co-dependent on our partner. We seek equal finances from them, equal help at home and even equal responsibilities when it comes to parenting and that's how things should be. But more often than not, people end up in an unequal relationship. While one person ends up becoming extra dependent on the other partner, the partner becomes the carer and this can turn into an addictive relationship that becomes very hard to deal with. So, if you're realising that your relationship has turned into an unequal one, here's how you can deal with it.


02/7Try to take decisions together

Try to take decisions together

When people are stuck in unequal relationships, more often than not one partner ends up taking all the major decisions. This makes them feel like they're doing everything. So, try to sit down with your partner and discuss things when you have to take major decisions so that you don't feel like you're the one being burdened with making all the choices.


03/7Talk about making things fair

Talk about making things fair

If you feel like there is a pile of responsibilities that have been dumped on your shoulders then talk to your partner about making things fair. For example, if you and your partner both go to work, then getting groceries after work, cooking after work and cleaning up after work should both of your responsibilities. It cannot fall only on one person.


04/7Try to see the patterns

Try to see the patterns

A person doesn't end up in an unequal relationship overnight. It's a process that turns into a pattern and then cements itself in a particular form. So, figure out what that pattern is. Has your partner started expecting you to take care of all the finances? Are they using some sort of substances and expect you to clean up after them? There are multiple signs and red flags; you just need to recognize them.


05/7Take help

Take help

We understand that you might feel that asking for help can seem like you aren't able to take care of problems on your own, but sometimes you need friends, family or even professionals to intervene. If your partner needs help then ask for help rather than trying to do everything on your own.


06/7Try to be the change

Try to be the change

Understand that your partner has fallen into a pattern of dependency so now they will always tend to be dependent on you. Instead of waiting for them to try to change, you need to step out of the picture and ask them to see someone who can help them make that change. Your happiness and mental health matters too.


07/7Stop taking responsibility

Stop taking responsibility

It isn't okay for you to work and do all the house chores if your husband sits at home and does nothing all day. If you're stuck in a situation like this one then it's best to stop taking responsibility for them. Tell them they need to step out and figure out what they want to do with their lives and how they're going to manage. It isn't your problem.