01/5A step-by-step guide

A step-by-step guide

Like most material things, people are always eager to hoard on to buy the latest designs, but not so much when it comes to maintaining them. Earrings fall in that category. Because artificial and imitation earrings are pretty expensive, not many give a thought about cleaning them correctly. Additionally, unclean jewelry can easily spread infections. Cleaning up earrings can double up their lives. However, they can’t just be dunked into soapy water. There’s method to it. Ahead is a step by step guide on correctly cleaning up earrings.


02/5Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands

Before you begin disinfecting your earrings, begin by washing your hands and under your finger nails. It is an extremely important step. Doing so will minimize the chances you spreading bacteria while you are cleaning your earrings and your ears.


03/5Use Sanitizing Solution

Use Sanitizing Solution

For cleaning your earrings, use a sanitizing solution like hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Use a q-tip to get to the smallest areas of your earrings. Ensure that you thoroughly cleanse the piercing that goes in your ear whole. Allow the sanitizing solution to dry.


04/5Remove Earrings

Remove Earrings

It is important to regularly clean your earrings, irrespective of the fact you use them regularly or not. To do so, always remove your earrings from your ears before you to go sleep. This will allow you to sleep comfortably and give your earrings a suitable surrounding that doesn’t feed to infection.


05/5Store Correctly

Store Correctly

While removing earrings at night is just one part of the deal, storing them correctly ensures your earrings are completely safe. If possible, store your earrings in the same box they came in. This will ensure they don’t move around and away from humidity or dirt in the air.