01/5Movie recommendations tailor-made for the ladies!

Movie recommendations tailor-made for the ladies!

As the country stays awake at the brink of midnight to celebrate the independent status of our country, all of us are bound to feel patriotic too. The holiday is a welcome respite. If you’re staying home on this national holiday, it’s a good idea to catch up a film that celebrates this independent status, while catching up with a nice movie. While the rest of the country, will suggest you patriotic films like Border and Rang De Basanti, we thought of doing things differently. Despite living in an independent state, women still tend to not complete enjoy their independence. Hence, we thoroughly enjoy it when we find a film that celebrates their stolen moments of independence. Ahead are some of our recommendations!




While everyone around will tell you watch the film for Kangana’s performance, our reasons are a little different. The film shows her character finding herself and being good with it. Watch this for Lisa Haydon’s Vijayalakshmi too, the fiercely independent single mother teaching lost (in life) desi girls all about female solidarity.




Have you ever seen a Bollywood father who is okay with his daughter being sexually active? If not, then watch Piku, preferably with your own parents, for that and much more.


04/5Chak De! India

Chak De! India

Ah! Here’s film that brings up good dose patriotism with a generous dash of feminism. Watch this one even if you’ve watched it before. A true YRF gem, it will definitely liven up your spirits!


05/5English Vinglish

English Vinglish

Sridevi’s Shashi Godbole is every middle-class Indian homemaker who has been forced to lose her identity, and then been mocked for trying to regain it. Watch it for the brilliant Sridevi and Gauri Shinde’s combined magic.