11/13If you're happy

If you're happy

Now, this doesn't mean that you have to have your life together all the time. Guys lie to know if you have a positive attitude towards things and if you're happy in general. They might fall for the hot figure or a pretty face, but they sure wouldn't want to date someone who's very unhappy with life all the time.


12/13Your dress sense

Your dress sense

Of course, guys won't know a lot of things and types of clothing that you wear, but if you're dressed well, they'll notice your sense of style and also compliment you on it. And so, it's not just about the dress to impress on the first date, but dress well in general, you'll feel better about yourself.


13/13Your financial situation

Your financial situation

This doesn't specifically mean that he'll want to know the numbers in specific. But he'd rather want to know if you're independent enough to care for your own. That sure means a lot to every individual, doesn't it?