01/5Simple tips that will help you make good curd at home

Simple tips that will help you make good curd at home

Curd has a lot of health benefits and it can also benefit your skin and hair in a lot of ways. You might have heard all these beauty gurus talk about how curd can heal your skin and give you good hair days. A lot of you even practice a lot of the curd remedies at home. But how many of you really know how to make curd at home? You all either rely on your mother to make some or just bring it from the store. But, it's always better to have a little knowledge of some things on your own. Hence, we're here to give you a few tips on how to make some really good curd at home all by yourself.


02/5Use good quality milk

Use good quality milk

If you wish to make good consistency curd, you need to buy good quality milk. A thin or cheap quality milk won't make a thick consistency curd. But a thick quality milk will do all the magic and give you the kind of curd you desire.


03/5Dissolve the curd culture evenly

Dissolve the curd culture evenly

Now, to make curd at home, you need to have some good quality curd culture which you need to bring to room temperature before adding it to milk. Make sure you dissolve it evenly throughout the milk. You can use 1 tsp to 1 tbsp, depending on how much curd you are making.


04/5Frothing is important

Frothing is important

One of the best ways to ensure thick curd at home is to froth the milk. This will bring a really good consistency to the curd that forms after a few hours. Frothing is very easy and can be done to any type of milk. You will get a hang of it once you practice it consistently.


05/5Warm the milk in cold climates

Warm the milk in cold climates

When the climate is cooler, it becomes difficult for the curd to form or the curd will form too watery and without a good consistency. This is when you need to warm the milk a little before you add in the curd culture and keep it away for a few hours to turn into a new batch of curd.