11/19A Personalised Mini Lamp

A Personalised Mini Lamp

Gift your friends a personalised mini lamp that will light up their world. This one also comes with a beautiful bottom glow that will illuminate their room with a soft light that they'll absolutely love. And what's best is that you can add your personal touch to it and select the photos that you want. Trust us, they'll be touched by the sentiments that went into it.


12/19A Photo Frame

A Photo Frame

Every newlywed couple would want to put up pictures of their families and loved ones in their new homes. So, what better to gift them than a photo frame? However, if you want to personalise it, why not put up a collage of their photos to spell out their wedding date? It'll make for a splendid idea and will serve as a wonderful reminder of their big day.


13/19A Cookbook

A Cookbook

The best way to any person's heart is through their stomach, trust us. And when you're newly married, the one thing you'd want to do is to impress your SO. So, gift your friends a cookbook that they can use to cook some spectacular food for each other and their families.


14/19A Date Night Coupon

A Date Night Coupon

The one thing newlyweds like to do soon after their wedding is to spend some time together. And what better way to spend time together than on a fancy date, right? Give your friends a coupon to a fancy restaurant or to a place that hosts private dates. They’ll fall in love with those three-course meals and that bottle of wine.


15/19A Tea Box

A Tea Box

What could be even better than a wellness box, you ask? A tea box, of course! If you live in India, you know that chai is a must. So gift your friends this tea box from Aurelia that contains 30gm each of- Berry biscus Black Tea, Chamomile Mint Black Tea, Kashmiri kahwa & Rose Tulsi Green Tea. If your friends love tea then they're going to be ecstatic about this gift.


16/19A Quilt Set

A Quilt Set

Now, that your friends will finally be married, they'll need things for their new home like furniture and covers. And since the winters are upon us, what better gift to give them than a quilted cover set? Opt for something trendy like this Monochrome quilted bedcover set from The Label Life. It'll add that chic vibe to their bedroom.


17/19A Beautiful Idol Painting

A Beautiful Idol Painting

Everybody needs to add some colour to their home to brighten it up. And if that colour comes from a beautiful painting like this one of Lord Ganesha, then your friends are sure to feel positive vibes all throughout their house. Not only will they cherish this gift, but it will also make for a beautiful gift to give to them.


18/19A Dinner Set

A Dinner Set

Like we mentioned earlier, now that your friends will be moving into their new place, they'll need certain new things in their house. Gift them this dinner set from Aurum that is inspired by the Golden era of Persian art. It'll make for a really fancy gift and they'll also be grateful for some lovely crockery to add to their collection.


19/19A Resort Voucher

A Resort Voucher

What do newlyweds want the most? To get away from everyone and spend some quiet time alone. So, give them a Resort gift voucher that'll come to their rescue when they want to get away for a while. Opt for something like this gift voucher for Ananda which can be redeemed against room, stay, food & beverage and spa treatments.