01/1111 Bollywood celebrities who were accused of rape

11 Bollywood celebrities who were accused of rape
Recently, Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault and harassment, and many actresses, including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, came forward with their accounts of his misconduct. These Bollywood celebrities hit the news for the wrong reason. Bollywood men often find themselves on the wrong side of the law. These celebrities have been charged with rape or sexual assault. While some have been proved, others have been altered, and some are just new and still waiting a definite verdict. There are controversies in Bollywood always. There are some shocking names who have been accused of rape. Here are 11 celebrities who have been accused of rape in Bollywood.readmore


On 8th February, veteran actor Jeetendra was accused of sexually harassing his cousin, who has come forward to file a police complaint 47 years after the alleged incident. She claimed that she was sexually assaulted at the age of 18. The victim made the allegation in a police complaint filed with Himachal Pradesh's Director General of Police. As per the complaint, the incident took place in January 1971, when the victim was 18 and the actor was 28. It happened when he arranged for the victim to join him from New Delhi to Shimla on the set of his movie without the complainant's awareness. The victim has claimed that on the night they reached Shimla, the actor returned to the room in an inebriated state, joined the two separate beds and sexually assaulted her. Advocate Rizwan Siddiquee representing the actor stated that the allegation made by the cousin is baseless and ridiculous. "Foremost my client specifically and categorically denies any such incident. Besides even otherwise such baseless, ridiculous and fabricated claims cannot be entertained by any Court of law or the law enforcement agencies after a span of almost 50 years. The Statute has provided a justice delivery system through the Courts, and the Limitation Act 1963 was specifically enacted to ensure that all genuine complaints are made within a maximum time limit of three years so that a proper investigation is carried out and timely justice is delivered, said the advocate.”readmore

03/11Shiney Ahuja

Shiney Ahuja
Then the news of him raping his maid in 2009 and this news had shocked his fans. He denied it initially, and later, his maid retracted her statement. The trial court delivered a verdict of rigorous 7-year imprisonment for him. He was acquitted of charges of wrongful confinement and criminal intimidation and later released on bail by the Bombay High Court. The case stands closed as of now.readmore

04/11Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari
Singer-composer Ankit Tiwari was arrested for rape after a 28-year-old advertising woman; she filed a complaint against him. She alleged that he raped her on the pretext of getting married to her. The woman also said that the singer’s brother threatened her with major consequences if she tried to complain the police. The matter was settled out of court after a petition was filed by Ankit Tiwari in the Bombay High Court.readmore

05/11Dibakar Banerjee

Dibakar Banerjee
Director of films like ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’ and ‘Love Sex Aur Dhokha’, Dibakar Banerjee also faced molestation charges from actress Payal Rohatgi. According to the actress, her mentor dropped by her house one night and commented that she had gained weight. She added, “He asked me to lift my shirt and show him my stomach. I didn't like it. I told him I was in no mood for jokes. But he did not agree.” The actress also said that when she refused to do what he asked, he nixed her from his film, Shanghai, for which she had auditioned and also received a positive feedback. However, the director had a different story to tell, "I spoke professionally, saying that she would need to shed weight if she wanted the role. There was no demand from anyone that she lifts her top.” However, later both went their separate ways.readmore

06/11Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff
According to reports, actress Tabu said actor Jackie Shroff had tried to molest her in 1986 during the shooting of ‘Diljale’. The incident allegedly happened at the residence of actor Danny Denzongpa who rescued Tabu. Nothing was ever proved, but Tabu and Jackie Shroff never acted together post that.readmore

07/11Mahmood Farooqui

Mahmood Farooqui
Director Mahmood Farooqui, known for ‘Peepli Live’ film produced by Aamir Khan, was arrested after an American woman accused him of rape. He was convicted of the charges and sentenced to seven years in jail by a Delhi court.readmore

08/11Shakti Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor
Shakti Kapoor was caught on camera in a sting operation done by a private media house, asking a young aspiring actress for sex in exchange for help getting movie roles. He named big film people like Yash Johar, Subhash Ghai, and Preity Zinta as active casting couch participants, and was widely criticized in the industry for this.readmore

09/11Subhash Kapoor

Subhash Kapoor
‘Jolly LLB’ director, Subhash Kapoor was accused by a journalist-turned-actress Geetika Tyagi of molestation. According to the actress, the incident took place at her residence, on May 28, 2012. But she did not file the complaint then, due to the lack of evidence, and also because, as Geetika says, "His wife Dimple begged me to let go of the matter saying that not only would their lives be ruined, but also the future of their son. But when her anger and helplessness got unbearable she decided to come out in the open.” The actress recorded a video with the help of her friend Atul Sabharwal where Kapoor admitted of the act, in front of his wife. She uploaded the video on social networking websites and captioned, “Subhash Kapoor’s True Face”.readmore

10/11Madhur Bhandarkar

Madhur Bhandarkar
Model and actress Preeti Jain accused director Madhur Bhandarkar of rape. Preeti Jain said that Bhandarkar raped her for three years, promising to cast her in a film which he later refused. The rape case went on for nine years but the Supreme Court of India closed it after Preeti Jain said that she did not want to pursue it further.readmore