01/6Here are some things you can overlook about your partner's past

Here are some things you can overlook about your partner's past

Have you just gotten into a relationship? While everything might be super splendid now that you're in the honeymoon phase, we're sure you're aware that every new relationship and every new individual comes with their own baggage. And while some people are easy to deal with, others you can't really figure out what to do with. But just because your partner has had a past that isn't all roses and petals, it doesn't mean that you can't look past certain things he did. After all, you're with the person he is now, not the person he used to be. So, here are some things about your partner's past that you should try to overlook.


02/6Whether they had a type

Whether they had a type

As we grow up, we start to create certain categories that we like to fit people in and that applies to relationships as well. So, someone might only like to date tall people or might be fixed on some other attributes but that's how things are. As we mature, we begin to learn that life is more than just good looks or certain attributes. It's more about finding the person who loves you for who you are and cares about you like no one else. So, ditch trying to find whether or not your partner had a 'type' before you because it certainly doesn't matter now.

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03/6How educated they are

How educated they are

Just because you might have a PhD and might come from a family of intellectuals doesn't mean your partner has to abide by the same rules. Chances are that he only has a graduate degree but is still doing exceptionally well for himself because he's following his passion and doing what he loves. So, his education is certainly not something you should judge him on.


04/6Their sexual experiences

Their sexual experiences

You don't need to know or keep a count of how many sexual partners he had during the past. Apart from your health, you don't need to be concerned about any issue. How many people he has slept with and what all he has opted for are not things that should concern you so let it go and move past it.


05/6Whether they cheated on someone

Whether they cheated on someone

While it is good to know what your partner is capable of, 'once a cheat, always a cheat' doesn't apply to everyone. If your partner did cheat on some ex of his and it was only a one-time thing then you need to at least hear his part of the story. You must consider certain factors like what kind of relationship he was in, what was his mental state at the time and how did he feel after cheating. If he regrets his decision then he definitely deserves a second chance


06/6Whether they were immature in past relationships

Whether they were immature in past relationships

No one is born an adult. We make mistakes and we learn from them. We're sure that you made certain mistakes in your previous relationships and you've used them to turn yourself into a better person. Similarly, if your partner is known for immaturity in his previous relationships, that doesn't mean he'll do the same things now.