01/6Sleep deprivation bringing you down? These tips will help you overcome it

Sleep deprivation bringing you down? These tips will help you overcome it

Sleep deprivation is no joke. It's extremely important to have a decent sleep cycle and to follow a proper routine so that you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night. Not getting the right amount of sleep can result in multiple problems from fatigue to chronic respiratory diseases like sleep apnea. Plus, you might even be at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. So, if you're sleep-deprived and you want to help overcome it, here are some tips that will come to your rescue.


02/6Opt for the right temperature

Opt for the right temperature

'Shawty, you gotta go low, low, low,' when it comes to the temperature that you sleep at. If it's boiling hot or freezing cold, it's natural for you to NOT fall asleep. Most people prefer sleeping at 18-20 degrees and this is actually considered as the ideal temperature to fall asleep in. So, set your AC to this temperature, make sure your room is dim and you'll drift away to sleep in no time.


03/6Stop smoking

Stop smoking

One of the best things you can do to get over your sleep deprivation is to stop smoking. Smoking has been associated with multiple health hazards and poor sleep is one of them. Although it can seem like a task to quit smoking, try to do it and you'll see the difference in your sleep patterns in no time.


04/6Opt for some exercise

Opt for some exercise

Make exercise a regular habit in your daily routine. Once you get back home from work, opt for some light workout sessions as they can help relax your mind and body and can help induce sleep later in the night. Make sure not to exercise right before bedtime though. You need to do it at least 4-5 hours prior to sleeping.


05/6Don't drink coffee

Don't drink coffee

We understand that you might be a major coffee fan and that you might not be able to do without it but not drinking coffee can really come to your aid when you want to fall asleep. If you can't completely eliminate coffee from your routine then make sure you don't consume it post noon.


06/6Keep your bedroom only for sleeping

Keep your bedroom only for sleeping

Stop eating in your bed, stop playing games in your bed and stop working in your bed. When you stop doing these things and only start using your bed for sleeping, your brain will automatically associate your bed with sleep and will induce sleep once you lie down on your bed.