01/4​Dainty earrings

​Dainty earrings

Anushka Sharma has already established that she has a certain fondness for a good pair of earrings. Even while decking up in busy silhouettes, the actress makes a case to put on delicate earrings to gently uplift her look. Case in point: Fine-cut gemstones, tear-drop pearls, and elongated tassels!


02/4​Elaborate Chokers

​Elaborate Chokers

There is no denying that Anushka Sharma has a great flair for toning down her elaborate ethnic looks. Keeping them prim and clean, the star can be usually seen rocking a statement choker with her Sabyasachi saree or lehenga. Her ethereal chokers always make for a breathtaking visual treat!


03/4​Quirky picks

​Quirky picks

Even though Anushka Sharma likes to play it safe when it comes to her jewelry picks, she too enjoys a detour sometimes. The diva once sported a golden Gucci ear jacket with her deep blue checkered tuxedo by the same brand. Now we can’t assure if you’ll be able to pull it off like the diva herself but it is worth a shot!


04/4​Trendy accessories

​Trendy accessories

There is no second-guessing that Anushka Sharma has a penchant for all kinds of earrings. And for all you people out there looking for trendy picks, just so you know the 'Zero' actress has an impressive collection of those. Pictures have actually proved that her jewelry box is worth stealing!