01/5The diva repeats clothes too, *in style!*

The diva repeats clothes too, *in style!*

Repeating clothes is no biggie. We have a limited wardrobe an things to do. In the effort of finding something convenient for the day you’re going to have, we often repeat clothes. But celebrities usually have a wardrobe full of clothes and an entourage of people who take care of the clothes they were, which makes celebrities turning up in clothes they’ve worn before interesting. Kareena Kapoor Khan is one such celeb. Often times, the actress nonchalantly turns up in clothes she’s done before. But because it’s Kareena we’re talking about, it does it with style. Let’s see how the diva repeats clothes in style!


02/5Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

We all have that trusty layering piece that becomes our travel companion. For Kareena it’s her denim jacket, and we’re not surprised why. The denim jacket can easily be worn in the humid environment in Mumbai, but can give you warmth if the atmosphere gets muggy – provided you’ve found the right jacket.


03/5Gucci T-shirt

Gucci T-shirt

We all have that t-shirt that we loved so much, that it lost its lusture! For Kareena it was her Gucci t-shirt. Kareena wore the baggy t-shirt in its glory days when she would travel. She would use it as a layering piece post workout, after it lost its shine


04/5Balmain Tee

Balmain Tee

Only Kareena Kapoor can wear a designer t-shirt to the gym. The actor used the Balmian tee as a cover up post workout first. She was seen wearing the same t-shirt much later, after getting back in shape.


05/5Denim Wide Leg Pants

Denim Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are pretty much the epitome of comfort and chic. They flatter everyone and they’re super comfortable to be. Naturally, Kareena wears it for her long flight and when she out running errands like a regular woman!