01/5What’s fashion without a little twist?

What’s fashion without a little twist?

There’s a reason Sonam Kapoor is the most stylish woman in Bollywood and perhaps our country even. Her fashion choices are consistently beyond the basic. When everyone else is sticking with jumpsuits and gowns for red carpet events, she strolls in nonchalantly with a baggy suit and big sneakers and somehow makes it works. But most importantly, she never misses an opportunity to wear her Indian heritage with pride. And because it is Sonam Kapoor we’re talking about she doesn’t just drape the nine-yards – she goes beyond the basic. The actress outdoes herself almost every time she steps out – which is why is the perfect inspiration, if you’re trying to bring a twist to your Indian wear. Here are some of our favourite Indian looks by Sonam.


02/5Maximalised roots

Maximalised roots

When the rest of the world seems to move away from maximalism, Sonam seems to dive right into it. A heavily embellished Anarkalli, braided bun, an elaborate mang tikka, long earrings and dark smokey eyes – Sonam went all out and how. It’s a good reminder that sometimes maxilmalised looks work, and you gotta just embrace it.


03/5Going slow

Going slow

Is it a saree? Is it a dress? Is it a skirt? Is it a shirt? It’s all of it, really! But what’s noteworthy is the ‘make’ of the ensemble.We love a good collaboration of the west and east. But here’s whyit made to our list -this completely hand-woven and hand dyed ensemble comes from a slow fashion brand, ‘Badnaam.’ Sonam used her big fashion influencer tag by promoting this big fashion lesson –slow fashion > fast fashion!


04/5Pants for life

Pants for life

The modern day Indian woman can’t part ways with her pants – even if she loves her Indian kurtis. But what about the times you’d like the graceful inputs of a saree as well? You bring them together. Not only does Sonam show you how to wear it, she gets a version of it in her streetwear brand – so that you can buy one for yourself too.


05/5Get over(coat) yourself

Get over(coat) yourself

Sonam managed to make heads turn with a simple embellished ivory saree. How, though? Simple, she threw on a similar long trench coat, and massive Indian jewelry. Was it over-the-top? Yeah. But wasn’t that the point?