01/5Want to achieve a Kareena Kapoor inspired makeup look? Master these makeup techniques

Want to achieve a Kareena Kapoor inspired makeup look? Master these makeup techniques

B-town diva, Kareena Kapoor Khan has long been our favourite source fashion inspo. Thanks to her latest stint as a judge at dance reality show, the actress has been serving us with up amazing looks. Her carefully curated looks at a combination of amazing ensembles and well crafted makeup looks. Her naturally glowing face will rarely a makeup look that is ‘’in trend.’’ While the rest of the world seems to have found an obsession with neons, Kareena will gladly stick to her nude lipsticks. And that’s a beauty lesson right there – if you’ve found what works for you – stick with it! Ahead are some beauty rules Kareena Kapoor Khan lives by!


02/5Kohl-Rimmed Eyes

Kohl-Rimmed Eyes

Kareena found her love for kohl-rimmed eyes much later in her career, but once she did, she stuck by it. You will rarely find the actress without dramatically lining her eyes with kohl. Aside from giving you a dose of that much needed drama, the kohl rimmed eyes also makes large eyes appear more balanced.


03/5Nude Glossy Lips

Nude Glossy Lips

Kareena’s juicy pout is one of her best features and has also garnered her with some major makeup advertisements. You will often find her sporting a glossy nude lip. It’s the low maintenance way to glam up your lips. Since the nude colour complements all, you don’t even have to worry about it clashing with your outfit.




One of the reason’s everyone seems to gushing on Kareena’s makeup looks is because it is rarely jarring to the eye. Kareena achieves this by skipping her blush with a pink toned highlighter. A pink toned highlighter looks naturally glowing and gives just a tiny hit of colour, making it look natural and glamorous.


05/5Toned-Down Brows

Toned-Down Brows

The rest of the world may be struggling to achieve a set of well-defined dark brows, but not Kareena! Kareena is already gifted with a pair of beautiful, dark and bushy eyebrows. She tames them with eyebrow gel that’s a tad lighter than her brow shade. This not only lends warmth but also makes her look younger!