01/7JLo loves these beauty looks!

JLo loves these beauty looks!

On 24th July 2019 (today) marks the 50th birthday of Jennifer Lopez. Yup, the same super-attractive lady in the picture. Jennifer Lopez is the epitome of beauty, fitness and sexiness. If there is an anti-ageing elixir, she probably has it. Because, Jennifer is clearly ageing backwards. Jokes aside, Jennifer follows a thorough lifestyle to maintain her beautiful looks. For her beauty looks, she relies on tried and tested beauty trends and her kickass entourage. On her birthday, we’re paying homage to some of our her favourite beauty trends. Read on and take notes!


02/7Perfect Ponytails

Perfect Ponytails

Though her long blonde waves are iconic, ponytails are equally part of J.Lo's signature aesthetic. This stick-straight, butt-grazing 'tail is ideal for whipping around on stage. She also prefers loose, tousled ponytails, including the princess-worthy one she wore to the 2019 CFDA Awards.


03/7Contour Queen

Contour Queen

If you thought only Kim K was a contour ambassador, you clearly have so much more to learn. Jennifer Lopez, despite her sharp jawline and nose, loves a good contour. She uses the makeup technique to further enhance her perfect features. She highlights the usual places — bridge of the nose, cheekbones, chin, and inner corners of the eyes — but we're willing to bet she does a few strokes on her clavicles, legs, and arms, too


04/7Metallic & White

Metallic & White

Metallic shades like golden, bronze and copper look beautiful on brown skin and Jennifer knows that. She loves playing with these metallic eyeshadows to accentuate her eyes. She uses it with a pop white on her eyes. Not only does it brighten her eyes, it also makes them look doll-like.


05/7Long Acrylic Nails

Long Acrylic Nails

Well manicured nails to a complete look are what a finishing spray to makeup. It brings the whole look together. It makes it better. Jennifer’s nail game is very strong. But with her radiant skin and sultry eyes stealing all the limelight, we won’t blame you if you didn’t notice.


06/7Body Makeup

Body Makeup

Applying makeup on their body isn’t an unheard thing for celebrities, but JLo seems to take it up a notch. Not only does she have her body evened out, it’s contoured, highlighted and then highlighted a little more to perfection!


07/7Peach Palette

Peach Palette
Jennifer loves sporting a good, sultry smokey eye makeup look. And what would be perfectly paired with? A soft nude lips. When rocking a smokey eye, Jennifer almost always applies a peach lippe. She keeps her pout looking youthful with a dollop of gloss. readmore