01/5No Photoshop or filters for these!

No Photoshop or filters for these!

In a time where fashion glossies, television, movies and hoardings and even movies exclusively display airbrushed and glosses over images of actresses, some of us may be able to rubbish it off as unrealistic. But a majority of women believe those gospels do be the gospel truth. And thus the endless cycle of unrealistic beauty standards begin. Thankfully, among the heard of seemingly perfect looking, we have bunch of truth tellers, that show us the real pictures and tell us a flawless skin is just a myth. Ahead are some of our favourite body-positive celebrities that are determined to dispel the truth.


02/5Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora

The sexy siren is rarely seen without a hair in place. The actor famously stepped out in her perfect bod months after pregnancy. The actress recently shared a behind-the-scenes picture on her gram that showed off her armpit hair. Nope, nobody has fair, spotless armpits. Under arm hair is normal. Malaika Arora is proof.


03/5Chrissy Teign

Chrissy Teign

You may know Chrissy Teign for her funny wise cracks and being the inspiration being John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ but before all that happened, Chrissy was a supermodel posing for cameras. Apart from being chef, Chrissy now is pretty much on a mission to bring around awareness about stretch marks on women.


04/5Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

When Sonam Kapoor isn’t serving us up with amazing red carpet looks and amazing acting chomps, she is busy dispelling truths about the real price of beauty actresses and other famous personalities often play. She famously said that you require a brigade of people to look the way she does. Check out her bare face that has copious amounts of colour corrector on – because without it, she’s imperfect. Just like us!




Robyn Rihanna Fenty may be high flying, singer-songwriter and now fashion designer and entrepreneur who may have just redefined the world ‘sexy’ in today’s time. But that doesn’t stop her from being unapolegeticly real in life. While magazines continue to show her in near perfect pictures, Rihanna goes ahead and poses unshaven and unfiltered in her Instagram pictures.