01/5Priyanka Chopra's inspiring journey proves she's a true role model

Priyanka Chopra's inspiring journey proves she's a true role model

She's a Feminist through and through: Priyanka Chopra is one woman who has truly shown us what hard work, determination, and talent can achieve. From being a simple 18-year-old girl to turning into one of the most powerful women in the world, here's why she needs to be your role model. She has time and again expressed her views on feminism and is an avid supporter of it. "I see so many girlfriends of mine who are like, 'No I'm not that much of a feminist.' I don't even understand that. The need for feminism was created because there were no rights for women. That's why there is not a man-ism because they always had it."


02/5Her views on Gender-Parity

Her views on Gender-Parity

Priyanka's production house is known to give special benefits to women. When her mom Madhu Chopra was asked if they give special benefits to men as well she said that a top-level employee of theirs had just taken 4 weeks of paternity leave. This alone proves that Priyanka stands by her choice of Gender-Parity. "Feminism is just saying give me opportunities without judging me for the decisions that I make, the same freedom that men have enjoyed for so many centuries. Feminism needs men."


03/5How she's turned into a Global icon

How she's turned into a Global icon

Priyanka started out her career as a young, ambitious actress. Today she's a global icon and is a huge star in both the Bollywood and the Hollywood film industries. She slowly made a name for herself in Bollywood by picking up topics that needed to be shown. Soon after, she announced that she was to begin working on an American TV series as the lead actress. Now, if that isn't an achievement we don't know what is. Not only is she an amazingly talented actress, she also sings beautifully and has a number of achievements to her name.


04/5An avid Humanitarian

An avid Humanitarian

The actress went ahead and won hearts all over the world when she was selected as the Goodwill Ambassador for the UN. By doing so, she went on to represent India at a global level. She travels to different countries to help underprivileged children and we must say she's been doing a splendid job. Her philanthropic efforts have been recognised around the globe. Her foundation called The Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education even sponsors 70 children, the majority of whom are girls.


05/5Beauty or flaws, Priyanka says embrace it all

Beauty or flaws, Priyanka says embrace it all

Priyanka is probably one of those few actresses who ask women to not just embrace their beauty but their flaws as well. “You can be an absolute woman and also be smart and tough and not lose your femininity.” “I wasn't the prettiest girl in the room, but I learned to carry myself with confidence - that's how you make the best impression on people.” “As a girl, I am this stupid, emotional, very loyal, sort of believe-in-values-and-principals sort of girl. I don’t believe in being a size 0. I don’t believe in starving. Women should totally embrace their curve.” Well, we sure believe Priyanka is our hero. What about you?