01/18Karisma Kapoor's fashion is so steal-worthy!

Karisma Kapoor's fashion is so steal-worthy!

Karisma Kapoor has been that one actress from the '90s who's not only aced in movies but also made sure to impress people with her fabulous fashion sense. From casuals to formals and from traditional to party wear, you name it, she's donned it. Her lovely sister and a beautiful actress Kareena Kapoor Khan who herself is a fashionista has always maintained that it is Karisma who's always been her fashion inspiration. And we don't wonder why. Karisma's Instagram is nothing less than a phenomenal representation of what the actress does in reel and real life. To top it all, she's a mother of two amazing kids. And she still manages to look like that! I mean...what!? Here's looking at all the times when the actress gave us lessons on how to dress up with ease and poise.


02/18Chic vibes

Chic vibes

The queen who gives out all the inspiration to rock a monochrome outfit like a pro! She's got such a chic vibe maintained with this particular white and back piece. Of course she finished it with red lips and let her hair open for this one.


03/18Basic blacks

Basic blacks

All a woman wants is to own an over-sized tee and Karisma is pulling off an all black causal outfit like such a teenager. She's finished the basic black outfit look with some white shoes and she looks like such a babe!


04/18Creams and blues

Creams and blues

Traditional outfits need not always be filled with prints. Sometimes, just two solid colours complimenting each other can do the trick. We have just so much to learn from this star of a person! She always dresses up just right.


05/18Pretty prints

Pretty prints

For someone who loves experimenting with colours, patters and prints, something rather natural, subtle and soft also looks damn nice. Karisma right here proves that even the simplest of clothing can be turned into something amazing just by adding a wide smile and a few accessories to it.




Self prints are amazingly attractive and Karisma knows how to pick her outfits all too well. Look at her showing off how regal she can look with this entire outfit completed with some light jewelry and subtle makeup.


07/18Innovative whites

Innovative whites

If you ever wish to pick an outfit different from the rest, take some inspiration from this beauty. She's got some of the best styling ideas and just look how flawless she's made this white saree with black leaf print look. Superbly finished the look with some jewelry and a high braid.


08/18Stripes and solids

Stripes and solids

Strips and solids never go old and neither will the classic combination of black and white. Karisma knows just the right way to pair up some solids with some vertical strip pants. She's even layered it up with a deep blue blazer and finished the look with white sneakers. Quite a look, ain't it?


09/18Chic trends

Chic trends

This woman knows all the trends that goes around in the fashion world and she effortlessly follows them all. She's donned a checkered pant-suit long with a solid black coloured crop top with jet black shades and heels to match with. Brilliantly subtle.


10/18Classic touch

Classic touch

Can you even tell that she's a mother of two? Look how wonderfully she's carried herself while she jumps out of joy and looks like she's in her 20s giving really tough competition to girls who're literally in their 20s.