01/5Need help repeating clothes creatively? Take notes from Malaika Arora

Need help repeating clothes creatively? Take notes from Malaika Arora

Whoever said celebrities didn’t repeat outfits probably needs a tall glass of reality check. Truth is, when celebrities are not clad in the most top notch designer wear and glamming up for red carpets and constant shoots, they are dressed much like us. A humble t-shirt, a comfy pair of jeans and a cushioned pair of sneekers for those long flights. Malaika Arora is another shining example! When the actor is not doing appearances or giving us insane travel goals, Malaika wears the comfiest of clothes, and heck, repeats them. If you’re curious, how the bomshel diva repeats her outfits, here’s a peek!


02/5Green Bomber Jacket

Green Bomber Jacket

Malaika loves her bomber jacket and we can see why – it makes her look like a boss lady and seems far too comfy to leave behind when you’re out to travel. In her first look, Malaika looks relaxed with a ripped jean and loose t-shirt. Her second look was similar, but far more powerful. Her t-shirt fitted better and jeans were higher. She even switched her sunglasses for a sharper frame.


03/5Monochromatic blouse

Monochromatic blouse

Malaika’s black full sleeved blouse with a white jeweled collar is the perfect office staple, which is why she paired it with a pair of grey trousers for a formal look. But fashion can be versatile and dynamic. Malaika effortlessly pairs the same blouse with a pair of ripped jeans. Pretty cool, we think!


04/5Holographic Jeans

Holographic Jeans

Hey, if we had a pair of dazzling holographic jeans, we would wear it every day too. Can you blame her for repeating these jeans so often? Besides, each time she picked a distinctly different t-shirt or blouse to pair with, giving us some awesome fashion inspo.


05/5Gucci Lovin’

Gucci Lovin’

Malaika seemingly is huge Gucci fan. Her oversized Gucci t-shirt is proof. The t-shirt seems to be a staple travel essential for the actor. But we love that she experiments with different jeans to spice up her wardrobe.