01/7This queen knows how to rock her tiny bags all too well

This queen knows how to rock her tiny bags all too well

If there's one actress after Sonam Kapoor who has a super fan base just based on her fashion style, it has to be the global star Priyanka Chopra. We've seen the woman turning heads with every look she puts together and grabbing headlines every time she steps out looking like a queen. But we noticed something which we couldn't help but share with all you PeeCee fans. Nope, it isn't her collection of sunglasses but her bags. If you are an avid follower of Priyanka, you must have noticed that she loves carrying tiny bags whatever be the occasion. From casual hangouts to Cannes, she's pulled off tiny bags with such ease! And if you haven't really noticed any of it yet, here's what you must see.


02/7Fancy white

Fancy white

There comes one of the best dressed Bollywood actress nailing it in Hollywood with her amazingly colourful printed dress, grey peep-toes and a tiny fancy bag to go with the look. We wonder what all fits inside.


03/7Bold black

Bold black

This outfit had out hear popping and damn how beautifully PeeCee rocks the little black bag with her whole look. She definitely is a fashion inspiration for many and we don't question why.


04/7Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

Giving us all a perfect summer vibe with her whole look is something that only PeeCee could do. We love how her tiny yellow bag isn't looking 'too much' with her outfit. She knows what she's doing way too well.


05/7Bright white

Bright white

This was one of her looks while she was at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Needless to say, she made her debut worth it and how! This white little bag looks more than perfect when she carries it so effortlessly.


06/7Popping pink

Popping pink

Her style is something that is undeniably amazing. And with the kind of colour matching that she does, it hardly matters the size of the bag. But look how nice her tiny pink bag looks with her yellow and pink dress.


07/7Glitter gold

Glitter gold

This one's probably the tiniest of all bags that she owns. And look how flawless she looks while carrying it. We wonder what even fits in this little bag.