01/5Young Bollywood up-and-comer Sara Ali Khan is the next rising star

Young Bollywood up-and-comer Sara Ali Khan is the next rising star

She's only 25-years-old, but Bollywood up-and-comer Sara Ali Khan is already making a name for herself in B-town. The daughter of actors Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan made her film debut in 2018. She graduated from Columbia University before launching into the limelight. Acting may be in her blood, but the actor is being widely touted as the next big thing because of her unique talent that is real and fresh.


02/5A dream come true

A dream come true

From a young age, as young as four-years-old, Sara knew acting was what she wanted to do when she grew up. The thrill of performing in a theatre even in her college days was exciting and a place she felt most comfortable. Her dream to become a big movie star was soon going to become a reality when Director Abhishek Kapoor gave the young star her big break and chose her to star in his film 'Kedarnath', despite having no acting experience. Kapoor, who is well-known for introducing new talent into the business, has stated he chose Sara because she has a certain spark and is able to grasp the nuances of her character even before getting in front of the camera.


03/5Controversial Bollywood debut

Controversial Bollywood debut

There is no business like show business. Before having the chance to show off her acting chops, Sara Alia Khan was already creating a big buzz for being involved in a huge controversy surrounding her Bollywood debut. While she was already committed to debut with Abhishek Kapoor’s film 'Kedarnath', Sara had also signed on to work on Karan Johar-Rohit Shetty film 'Simmba'. This caused a clash of the release dates for both films. The making of 'Kedarnath' was no easy feet as it already had to deal with several controversies and production hassles. However, Kapoor was keen on making his film Sara's debut and was forced to drag her into court. He was not in favour of her signing on any other projects until his movie was wrapped up. After a heated battle, all parties came to a resolution and it was decided 'Kedarnath' would launch Sara into the limelight of Bollywood. It was released in 2018. That same year, her second film 'Simmba' was also released. Critics and big names in the film industry praised Sara for her talent and realistic approach to the characters in both films. Many say she is showing great promise and potential to become a big star in Bollywood.


04/5Girl next door

Girl next door

Sara may have had a rough start in the film industry, but the rest, as they say, is history. Today, she is seen as a rising star. But while she's one of the film industry's big up-and-comer and Bollywood royalty, the 23-year-old is surprisingly down to earth and hasn't let the glitz of B-town get to her. She is the quintessential girl-next-door. While navigating through new and uncharted waters, Sara has built a great rapport with the media. While most stars and the media share a love-hate relationship, Sara has a self-assured and calm demeanour and knows how to be professional.


05/5Fashion influencer

Fashion influencer

Apart from her talent, what is getting just as much attention is her exquisite taste when it comes to fashion. She's young, hip and trendy and her style is always contemporary and current. Sara Ali Khan loves to experiment with different patterns and can practically make anything look good, whether it is a simple jumpsuit or a hot mini dress. On social media, the star has become something of a trendsetter and fans adore the star's many bold looks.