01/5Rule No. 1 – Comfort Is Key!

Rule No. 1 – Comfort Is Key!

Celebrities are just like us – they like their comfort when they’re on the go. But with international appearances, back to back shoot schedules and long flights and longer layovers, they may probably know a thing or two more about travelling than we do. With a job description that demands looking their best, because paps are everywhere, you will rarely (never) find a celebrity in dishevelled manner, even after tiring, long flight. So in the spirit of looking good and put-together at all times, we decided to dissect celebrity makeup rules to look out for style rules all celebrities follow for their long travels. Read on.


02/5Loose silhouette

Loose silhouette

While a pair of skinny jeans looks brilliant, it is squishing up your entire body in a smaller jean to give you that lifted appearance. Imagine doing that your body for over 12 hours. Yup, uncomfortable! Instead of picking up a comfy pair of track pants, pick a loose pair of trousers like Priyanka Chopra. Even Nick Jonas seems to agree. The duo looks, crisp, neat and comfortable.


03/5Light layers

Light layers

Even though you may be travelling from one tropical destination to another, carry on a light cardigan or jacket along. Most travel modes (cars, buses, trains and flights) have ample air conditioning, that can get a little too chilly, making the light jackets a welcome addition. On times when it gets hotter than you desire, just peel off a layer. Sonam Kapoor lives and breathes this rule!


04/5Flat footwear

Flat footwear

Even the most comfortable long travels will involve some amount of walking around. And god help you, if you’re travelling with heavy luggage. You don’t want your cute heels slowing you down. Sneakers will work great. But if you can’t be bothered with removing shoes during every security check, wear flat, slip shoes instead.


05/5Sling bags

Sling bags

Just because the airplane allows you to carry a sizable hand luggage option, doesn’t mean you should. A small, purse that carries your basic essentials and toiletries would be ideal. Much like Kangana, pick sling bag, that allows you all that storage while keeping your hands free.