01/5All the times Taapsee Pannu was looking fly!

All the times Taapsee Pannu was looking fly!

A star in the South, Taapse Pannu is now scaling new heights in Bollywood every passing day. With her stellar performance and commercial films, she is of one of the few people who is bridging the gap between commercial and critically acclaimed. With a good blend of experimental silhouettes and reliable staples, Taapsee is slowly cultivating an enviable sense of style. Power suits, snazzy accessories, retro silhouettes or classic monochromes, Taapse’s wardrobe has a little bit of all. As the actress grows a year older today, we’re looking some tried and tested style rules, Taapsee relies on build that enviable wardrobe.


02/5Yesteryear elegance

Yesteryear elegance

There isn’t a wrong way to wear the saree, but you want to take it up a notch, drape a saree like the elegant women from the yesteryears. Pick a pastel floral saree, preferably with lace, a blouse front the same colour family and pair it bouncy, bouffant hair. Taapsee’sfloral saree look is a shining example.


03/5Retro rocks

Retro rocks

On days when you want to shake things up and take a break from the classics, go retro instead.Taapsee’s oversized floral suit and boot cut pants are proof. She’s dressed powerful and appropriate and still manages to playful. Woot woot!


04/5Merging cultures

Merging cultures

As the world is becoming a global village, it’s a good idea to merge cultures as you dress. It’s a win-win situation.You get to experience the best of both worlds and customise your outfit according to your needs. Taapse pantsuit-meets-saree is comfy and graceful. We approve!


05/5Snazzy accessories

Snazzy accessories

The easiest way to transform your basic look into bawse is by adding on snazzy outfits.It doesn’t take up all that time, space or effort to invest in. Here’s Taapsee looking like the star that she is in a chambray blouse paired with diamond shaped glasses and multi layered hoops.