01/9An extra piercing will also serve as a reason to wear more jewellery! Who doesn’t love that, right?

An extra piercing will also serve as a reason to wear more jewellery! Who doesn’t love that, right?

Turns out, some of your favourite stars are major piercing enthusiasts. Why have one when you can have a ton, right? If you’ve considered dabbling with another ear piercing, we’ve rounded up the stars with the coolest jewellery that'll convince you to bite the bullet. Scroll on for inspiration as to why you should go and get yourself that additional ear piercing...


02/9Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a big fan of ear piercings and has several of them! The actress even aptly accessorises with very cute earrings. She also goes with earring arrangements for her red carpet looks. Also, a serious plus of having a pixie cut is being able to let your piercings do the talking, right?


03/9Emma Watson

Emma Watson

We're finding it super easy to connect with Emma Watson's piercings because they are rather simple but glam, both at the same time. She has a couple of ear piercings and she often likes to accessorise by adding bling to her looks with diamond hoops. A tip to take away here would be that the actress aptly manages to show them off with a statement lip look.


04/9Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

The supermodel has three piercings that travel to her upper lobe. She is often spotted accessorising with dainty diamond jewellery such as these minimal diamond rings. And unlike most celebs, her piercings have been done rather close to each other.




Halsey, much like Gigi likes to fill in her piercings with hoops too. However, she is often seen accessorising with gold hoops of different sizes. There’s no reason why you should wear one gold hoop when you can wear three, right?


06/9Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz

If you're feeling experimental, copy Zoë Kravitz's ear designs. The actress has an upper lobe and conch piercing in one ear and her tragus pierced on the other. For the MET Gala, she was seen accessorising with one statement pair of danglers and other tinier and more minimal-looking diamond and gold studs and rings.




RiRi has some bad-gal piercings that are totally on trend. The singer rocks multiple lobe piercings along with a tragus hook. Rihanna often accessorises with gold and diamond studs and often chooses to leave her piercings void of jewellery too. Sometimes too much ‘can’ be too much, right?


08/9Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has one fun ear piercing party going on! The model has her standard and upper ear lobes pierced, along with her double helix and inner conch. The model often accessorises with layered earrings too, thus making the most of her piercings.




Queen Bey has several ear piercings that she often accessorises. In fact, when she does, she does ever-so-boldly! Here itself you can see her rock 6 earrings including gold hoops and diamond studs.
So, when will you be going to get your ear pierced?