01/5Feathered brows

Feathered brows

Altering the shape of your brows and making them look like twins is so 2019. Leave them undone, let them breathe, let them look like brows! (Yes we know your brows technically aren't a person but you KNOW they have a mind of their own.) Use brow pens to mimic the texture of your brows and fill up only the sparse areas. Or here's a personal favorite trick; brush your brows up with a spoolie and then set them in place with a clear brow gel or a spoolie rubbed on a soap. It acts like wax and will keep your brows tame yet looking natural.


02/5​Contrasting colors

​Contrasting colors

It would be criminal to not include colors in the list, especially now when spring is almost here! Take your color game up a notch by pairing contrasting colors on your lid and lower lashline. Tangerine and purple, neon lime and fuschia; experiment to try different combinations and make them work! Try and keep the rest of your face bare for the eye look to really shine through. Also if you're using a pastel shade or sheer neon shade, don't forget to use an eyeshadow primer and some neutral or white base eyeshadow. This will really help the colors pop.


03/5Less is more

Less is more

It's time for the non-touring, a dewy glow, and glossy lips. Just keep it simple with a rock-solid skincare routine and stay hydrated so you don't need to pack on the base. Mix your foundation or BB cream with a liquid illuminator for a lit from within glow and focus on just doing your brows, lashes, and lips. Another way to add a natural flush to your skin is by using a lip and cheek tint. Just dab some tint on your cheeks and on your nose for a cute flush.


04/5Textured pushed back hair

Textured pushed back hair

Move over sleek wet hair, the textured pushed-back do is here. Simple, natural and finger-combed hair pushed back without a parting seems to be the flavor of the season. For this look, use a drop of wax or pomade rubbed thoroughly through your palm as you finger comb through your hair. Just spritz some texturizing spray on the ends to make the look really sing. This look with long statement earrings would really fit any and every occasion.


05/5​Chic + sleek ponytail

​Chic + sleek ponytail

Sleek updos are still raging in 2020 but this year we are seeing the ponytail really evolve into an occasion hairstyle! It isn't just an 'I haven't washed my hair so it is greasy' hairstyle anymore. To ensure your ponytail stays sleek, rub some hair oil on your palm and run it over the flyaways. The oil will make sure your baby hair stays in place.