01/10'Playboy' models who got embroiled in controversies

'Playboy' models who got embroiled in controversies
Hugh Hefner was envied by millions of men and women across the globe and rightfully so. The founder of 'Playboy' had created a multi-million dollar empire which comprised of the iconic magazine, Playboy clubs, a jazz festival, TV shows and more. Surrounded by beautiful women, Hugh's life was viewed as one in paradise. But even paradise has its turmoil. Hugh was often right in the centre of some controversy surrounding his models. Here are some of the 'Playboy' models who were tangled in the web of these controversies.readmore

02/10Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn was the very first model to feature on the cover of 'Playboy'. Her nude photo on a red velvet background caused controversy in the early years of her career. She later admitted that she had posed for the photos only because she needed to pay her rent.readmore

03/10Dani Mathers

Dani Mathers
She was the 2015 'Playboy' Playmate of the Year. The model is currently under criminal investigation after photographing a nude woman at her gym and posting it on Snapchat. Her story made shocking headlines.readmore

04/10Victoria Vetri

Victoria Vetri
The model who served as 'Playboy's' 1968 Playmate of the Year using the name Angela Dorian, later went on to receive a nine-year sentence or attempted voluntary manslaughter for shooting and wounding her husband during an argument.readmore

05/10Tanya Beyer

Tanya Beyer
She was 'Playboy's' Miss February 1992. Many years later, the model was arrested for trafficking in oxycodone.readmore

06/10Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith
Anna was 'Playboy's' 1993 Playmate of the Year. Her entire public life was pretty much one big controversy from the battle over her billionaire husband J. Howard Marshall's fortune to her death in 2007 at age 39.readmore

07/10Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon

Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon
The two appeared together on 'Playboy's' 2009 summer issue. They later almost became inmates when they were charged with felony aggravated assault stemming from a fight at a house party. Luckily for them, they received probation.readmore

08/10Dorothy Stratten

Dorothy Stratten
Her story is more of a tragedy than a controversy. The model was murdered at age 20, by her estranged manager/husband Paul Snider. Her story inspired two movies, 'Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story' and 'Star 80.'readmore

09/10Colleen Shannon

Colleen Shannon
This model apparently loved her boyfriend so much that she smuggled him into the U.S from Canada. After pleading guilty, she was sentenced to four months in prison.readmore

10/10Crystal Hefner

Crystal Hefner
Crystal got engaged to 'Playboy' founder Hugh Hefner in 2010. Apparently, due to some unknown reasons, the two hit a dead end causing Crystal to break off the engagement just days before their marriage. But the two reunited and got married in 2012.readmore