01/5This summer season look your stylish best in these activewear trends

This summer season look your stylish best in these activewear trends

Summer season is finally upon us and that means it's time for you to hit the gym and in style. Activewear exists for a reason; it's to make you look your stylish best even when you're working out. While you may think there's no point in giving fashion any priority when you head to the gym, we suggest you think again. The better you look, the better you'll feel and the advantage with activewear is that not only does it look uber chic but it also happens to be rather comfortable. So, if you're getting the option of staying comfy and looking trendy while you workout, why not give it a try? Well, here are a few activewear trends you should follow if you want to look super stylish heading to the gym this season.


02/5Neon Love

Neon Love

Remember how neon colours turned into this huge rage last year? Well, looks like they're actually here to stay and we for one are really glad about it. Neon colours add an instant pop and glam to your look so try to incorporate some neon colours into your attire. So say if you're wearing white gym pants, you could throw on a pink neon tank top.


03/5Cycling Shorts

Cycling Shorts

These were a huge trend back in the '80s and looks like they've finally made their return now. Activewear cycling shorts are slightly longer than normal ones and are a lot more comfortable. They make for the perfect bottom wear to don to the gym because they stay in place throughout and ensure you don't end up with a wardrobe malfunction.


04/5Pretty Prints

Pretty Prints

Talking about fashion, maybe it's time you started experimenting with prints too. Why only stick to monochrome outfits or colours when you head to the gym? Try floral prints, geometric prints and anything that you think will look good on you. Plan your outfit accordingly. So, if you're wearing printed pants, team them with a top in a solid colour.




The sneaker trend took the fashion industry by storm last year, and let's just say we spotted a number of Bollywood divas who had embraced this trend wholeheartedly. Sneakers don't just look super stylish, they're also super comfy. So, we suggest you go invest in a quality pair of white sneakers to team with your fabulous attire.