01/5Nothing to wear? Borrow these trendy items from your mom's closet!

Nothing to wear? Borrow these trendy items from your mom's closet!

How many times have you stood in front of your closet wondering what to wear only to throw a fit about how you have nothing to wear? Well, that's an uncountable number of times! But just because you might have run out of things to opt for from your closet, doesn't mean you can't go through your mum's closet. In fact, you might just find all the right stuff to borrow from her. So, here are some items you absolutely should look out for in your mom's closet.


02/5Retro Sunnies

Retro Sunnies

Okay, let's be honest. These round retro sunnies never really went out of style which is why they're still so loved even in today's age. No matter what you're donning, all you need is a pair of these sunnies and it'll instantly amp up your look.


03/5Saree Loving

Saree Loving

There's just this aura of elegance that surrounds a retro-style saree. Whether it's the pastel hues, the vibrant prints or even the gorgeous high-neck blouses, there really is a lot to love about retro-style sarees. Opt for one right out of your mum's closet for that next wedding function and all eyes will be on you!


04/5Ethnic Jewellery

Ethnic Jewellery

You'd be lying if you said you haven't been eyeing that huge pair of jhumkas your mum has in her jewellery box. And teaming that choker with a plain ensemble is going to make things look so much better for you. And honestly, who can even say no to gorgeous kada bangles? Do we need to say more or are you convinced already?


05/5Suit Style

Suit Style

If there's one thing that was popular when our mums were young, it has to be chikan kurtis. That beautiful embroidery is unlike anything we've ever seen before and we're sure your mum has at least one kurti or suit that features chikan embroidery. So, opt for that and you'll love all the attention you'll get for it.