01/8These products can help you achieve that stained, blurred lips look in no time

These products can help you achieve that stained, blurred lips look in no time

Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder comes in six cool shades. The applicator tip makes it easy to apply the liquid matte lip colour, especially to blur out the edges. Even though its texture is creamy, it has a powder like feel that glides on to the lips seamlessly.


02/8Buxom Cosmetics PillowPout Creamy Plumping Lip Powder

Buxom Cosmetics PillowPout Creamy Plumping Lip Powder

Most powder lipsticks we know and love are beautiful — but also messy as hell. Buxom recently launched its own iteration of the Korean beauty trend in a no-fuss stick that effortlessly sweeps cushiony color onto lips through a sponge. So now you get the blurry finish without destroying your turtleneck.


03/8Pacifica Devocean Natural Lipstick

Pacifica Devocean Natural Lipstick

Swipe on one layer of Pacifica's 100% vegan lipsticks for sheer pigment, or add a few more coast for more intensity. Plus, the formula is packed with coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E to hydrate parched lips.


04/8Glossier Generation G

Glossier Generation G

When Glossier's Generation G Lipsticks first dropped two years ago, the beauty world lost it. A tinted lip balm that's matte? Novel, yes, but they don't disappoint. The lipsticks offer the ideal wash of color without drying out the lips. We prefer the darker shades, which look great on all skin tones and offer a more impactful dose of pigment.


05/8CLE Melting Lip Powder

CLE Melting Lip Powder

If you love experimenting, then you will definitely appreciate this formula. It goes from being a loose powder to a tinted liquid that stays on for a long time. It's also very versatile as you can use it as a blush.


06/8Nyx Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream

Nyx Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream

Nyx's range of creamy lip colours comes in a wide range of fun shades at an affordable price. It also contains a spongey applicator tip to help you achieve the blurred effect easily. The formula is light and feels more like a balm.


07/8M.A.C. Powder Kiss Lipsticks

M.A.C. Powder Kiss Lipsticks

While M.A.C. has already managed to master the art of mattes, the team has created something utterly divine. The Powder Kiss Lipsticks collection comes in 13 shades, has a silky matte finish to get a soft more romantic blur. This weightless lipstick is also packed with moisture.


08/8Peripera Airy Velvet Lip Tint

Peripera Airy Velvet Lip Tint

This Korean beauty brand is partially the reason the lip stain look is suddenly in vogue. For that just-bitten look, the colour adds a stained pigment. It is also lightweight and very long-lasting.