01/6Here's how you can make a style statement with your saree!

Here's how you can make a style statement with your saree!

The saree happens to that one piece of clothing that can look elegant on everyone. No matter what the occasion, a saree will never fail to impress. So, whether you're heading out to a party or have to attend your bestie's wedding, whether you want to take things up a notch with your fashion game at work or you want to make head turns at that puja, a saree will always come to your rescue. So, if you truly do want to stand out from the crowd when you don your saree, here are a few Bollywood inspired looks that will help you.


02/6Bring out your personal style

Bring out your personal style

Leave it to Sonam Kapoor to make your jaw drop with her fashion game every time she steps out. The actress proved that incorporating your personal style will totally help your saree game. She opted for a saree with a cinched waist, a corset blouse and dramatic sleeves. Honestly, if this doesn't impress you we don't know what will.


03/6Take your blouse game to the next level

Take your blouse game to the next level

One thing that will help you make a style statement is an interesting and unique looking blouse. Take a cue from Shilpa Shetty and see just how amazing her embellished blouse looks. The unique pattern helps draw attention to the blouse and also gives her entire look an aura of sophistication.


04/6Opt for contrasting colours

Opt for contrasting colours

Opting for the same colours for your saree and your blouse is so out of trend now. Maybe in the 90s that worked well, but now you'll just end up looking like a curtain. So, try and team contrasting colours together like Dia Mirza has. She went for a beautiful red Banarasi saree which she teamed with a blue blouse and boy did she look fantastic.


05/6Embroidery details and ruffles can help

Embroidery details and ruffles can help

Kangana Ranaut might be the Queen of the industry, but she's also stepped out in style plenty of times to be deemed the Queen of fashion too. Experiment a little when it comes to your saree. Opt for one with beautiful embroidery like Kangana has. She also teamed the saree with a blouse that had ruffle details. It totally took her fashion game to the next level.


06/6Experiment with the silhouette

Experiment with the silhouette

Alia Bhatt opted for the same colours for her saree and her blouse and she looked amazing. Try to experiment with the silhouette of your saree like Alia has. She opted for a flared sharara saree with tone-on-tone embellishment. Needless to say, we fell in love with this look as soon as we laid eyes on it.