01/10Looking for trendy handbags? Give these brands a try

Looking for trendy handbags? Give these brands a try

A handbag comes in really handy when you want to store your essentials like your keys, wallet, phone, makeup products and pretty much all the things you need when you're on the go. Now, while it may be an essential part of your wardrobe, who says it has to be basic? Your handbag should definitely be accessory worthy and should help amp up your look. And now that the new season is almost upon us, don't you believe you should revamp your handbag collection? Here is a list of some of the trendiest handbag brands that you should give a good read.


02/10Calvin Klien

Calvin Klien

Okay, let's be honest. If there's one hgandbag brand that's associated with sheer elegance and panache, it has to be Calvin Klien. Launched by Calvin Richard Klien in 1968, this brand stands for everything trendy and fashionable. So, give their collection a look and you'll find something absolutely fabulous.




Not only do they have an incredible handbag collection but they also have products that range from perfumes to jewellery to footwear for both women and men. You'll find all kinds of prints and materials in this brand which is why it's perfect if you're looking for something new to try.


04/10Da Milano

Da Milano

Da Milano has been in the biz for more than six decades now.The brand is well known for their sophisticated and trending designs. Apart from their fuss-free handbags, the brand also offers stylish travel bags, portfolio bags and accessories.




Baggit is the ‘it’ bag brand all your handbags needs. With one for every occasion, you can trust brand to churn out bags that are highly durable and stylist. Their affordable range also offers belts, wallets, caps and multiutility pouches.




Esbeda has wide variety of trusty designs and popular basics. The plush range of handbags boasts a range of designs that are inclusive and high quality. You can find sober formal designs and snazzy festive bags all under one brand.




Lavie is one brand in which you can invest with your eyes closed. They have a stunning collection of handbags, clutches, satchels and whatnot. So, it's safe to say that they have a bag for all your needs and boast the perfect designs for spontaneous, vibrant and independent 21st-century women. So, pick one from here and see how well it goes with everything.




Caprese claims to have begun with a dream to create an avant-garde range of handbags for women and to be honest, their aesthetic sense, sleek cuts and vibrant colours have pretty much impressed women everywhere. In each of its design Caprese tries to reflect the language of its muse: the Isle of Capri. So, if you're looking to make a statement, this is the brand to check out.




Most of you might already be aware of their extensive and exquisite watch collection. And now it's time for you to be impressed by their gorgeous handbag collection too. From top end designs to extraordinary fabric quality, this brand has slowly carved a niche for itself in the Indian market. Enough said, we'll let the bags do the talking for us.




If you're more invested in leather products then Hidesign is the brand you need to opt for. They launched their first exclusive boutique in India in 1998 and since then have grown immensely in popularity. What's really unique about them is that they use natural seeds and barks to create fashionable leathers that age exceptionally well. What more could you want?