01/5Get into the patchwork trend and you won't regret one bit

Get into the patchwork trend and you won't regret one bit

When it comes to fashion, there are so many trends that the crowd wishes to follow based on the season. But in our country, whatever our Bollywood celebrities wear also gains popularity and it's the trend of the season for the huge amount of fans who follow them religiously. And with the kind of fashion styling that our celebrities are coming up with, we really love how they're experimenting with some or the other colour, pattern and print every now and then. This time, the trend that's doing round of the Internet is patchwork. Yep, you read that right! There are a bunch of actresses who've pulled off some patchwork outfits so graciously that we're sure you will need them in your closet ASAP!!


02/5Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

This Bollywood diva can and will always one up herself and how. Nothing too out of the box, but she sure knows how to pair her patchwork overcoat with plain whites and put on some junk jewelry to finish the look. Take notes, will you?


03/5Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu

Like mentioned above, always try and pair your bright patchwork piece of clothing with a single solid colour and that's exactly what's Taapsee Pannu done with her outfit. Add on some gorgeous curls if you're someone who loves experimenting with your hair and you can recreate Taapsee's look all too well.


04/5Swara Bhasker

Swara Bhasker

This patchwork dress is everything goals, especially for this gloomy weather. The bright colours definitely puts you on a good mood on days when you'd not feel like stepping out of the house. Such a solid reason to get out and about wearing this dreamy dress, isn't it?


05/5Pooja Hegde

Pooja Hegde

The simplest way to amp up a colourul printed piece of clothing is to pair it up with either white or black. Pooja has beautifully paired her patchwork pleated skirt along with a one-shoulder solid white top and dark lips to go with. Surely looks stunning for a beach outing, doesn't it?