01/12This season, opt for these trendy outfits

This season, opt for these trendy outfits

Funky Faux: One way to stand out from the crowd is to try something different like a top that also features faux fur. Don't worry you won't look OTT if you style it right. Look at this chic top with faux fur on the sleeves. You could team it with a pair of your favourite pants or a pencil skirt.


02/12Trouser suit

Trouser suit

A good trouser suit is a great investment piece that will last for years. Choose one that suits the shape of your body. Opt for a loose-fit style with wide-leg trousers instead of skinny cut. You could opt for neutral colours or try something different. Fuchsia and grass green might seem like daring colours but they can look very vibrant. Best of all you can go out dinner straight out of the office with friends looking great. Another option is bold prints like stripes or polka dots. With this style, you won't need to embellish it too much.


03/12Court shoes

Court shoes

A high or midi heel can look great on almost any outfit. It gives a more polished look to your style. It is an essential pair to have in your shoe collection. You could stick with the usual black or nude pair for work or go bold and try silver or gold colours for those nights out. For work, choose a pair with a lower heel. However, if you are attending a more glamorous event try a higher heel and brighter colours.


04/12Little Black Dress (LBD)

Little Black Dress (LBD)

The LBD is a classic timeless item of clothing that suits every woman. One of the great things about this dress is that it is super versatile. Find a style that suits you so you can feel confident and comfortable. You can also accessories the dress in so many ways. A striking pendant can bring the outfit to life. You could also choose an unusual bracelet or bold earrings.


05/12Love All The Way

Love All The Way

Sometimes all you want to do is wear something comfortable, throw your hands up and relax. Well, this comfy yet super cute sweatshirt will help you do just that. So, on the days when you don't feel like dressing up too much, just opt for this chic sweatshirt and you'll be good to go.




What's not to love about a black and white skirt? And if it features checks, then it's even better. Team this one with whatever your heart desires because it'll team well with just about everything. And do opt for a sassy lip colour to don with this one.


07/12Denim Love

Denim Love

What's better than a smart dress to don to work? A smart denim dress, of course! If you're someone who loves all things denim then you absolutely must invest in this chic denim dress that'll make you look super trendy. Team it with a pair of aviators and throw in a pair of white sneakers for best results.


08/12White Wonder

White Wonder

It goes without saying that white shirts are like the staple outfit of every girl's wardrobe. You can team them with anything be it pants or jeans or skirts. Opt for this one to wear to college and you'll certainly end up making a fashion statement.


09/12Monochrome Magic

Monochrome Magic

Black and white work so well together that they can make any attire look amazing. Opt for this pair of monochrome pants that'll totally take your outfit game to the next level. Team it with the right top and you'll have a fabulous athleisure look.


10/12Leopard Prints

Leopard Prints

Plenty of the '90s fashion items have been making a comeback for some time so why not bring back the leopard print too? Opt for this chic leopard print shift dress and layer it with a trendy jacket. This one will totally exude OOTD goals. Throw in a pair of sneakers for some added glam.