01/5Dress like the jetsetter you are!

Dress like the jetsetter you are!

Dressing impeccably (almost) for your travels is a lost art. Between choosing hangover-nursing look or filling up your suitcase with half your wardrobe, there are way too many things going against you to stopping you achieve those jetsetter style goals. But a well-dressed woman on the go, isn’t a façade and believe it or not, doesn’t come with an entourage (that checks on her makeup and pulls her bags.) Dressing well on travels is just a few smart wardrobe pieces and intelligent styling tips away. Ahead are some style tips that will keep you looking stylish even with long flights, changing temperatures and zero outfit changes.


02/5Wrinkle-free trousers

Wrinkle-free trousers

We love a pair of trousers, for a sophisticated, sober look that allows you to move on. But with a wrinkle-free pair, you are invincible. The right pair will allow you to move, stretch, cross legs and sit however you please. The trick is to to find a pair with a touch of Lycra and synthetic fibers.


03/5The Elevated Scrunchie

The Elevated Scrunchie

The airplane air is dry and your skin and scalp compensates for by overdriving the sebaceous gland, thus making the mane greasy and seem like it skipped showers. If your blow dried hair is in complete ruins, tie them up in a scrunchie 2.0. We love this scrunchie for its functional nature, but elevated appearance. Definitely makes your ponytail more intentional, than just functional.


04/5The Goldilocks Legging

The Goldilocks Legging

A well-fitted pair of leggings (most of them are) are probably the most used and most versatile item in anyone’s wardrobe. They come in handy for layering or on their own. But if you’re having a vacation in the warmer months, pick a pair of leggings that are thinner and lightweight and vice versa.


05/5Slip-on sneakers

Slip-on sneakers

Sneakers, because they’re comfortable, slip-on, because nobody wants to keep an entire line of people behind them, because they can’t tie their show laces. Keep your feet covered, chic, functional and effective with a pair of sneakers you can easily slip in and out of.