01/5Here's how to rock vintage styles like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Here's how to rock vintage styles like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Vintage fashion is cool, sophisticated and classy. But you don't want to look stuck in time and outdated in the fashion department. The key is to incorporate old and delicate pieces that is fitting for the new year. Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor Ahuja knows how to strike the perfect balance between the contemporary and vintage fashion. Whether it's puffed sleeves os polka dots, the star knows how to wear these styles in modern and playful ways. If you are a huge fan of delicate designs and prints, here are a few ways you can incorporate these looks into your style like the star.


02/5Ditsy prints

Ditsy prints

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is slaying in a pantsuit with a ditsy floral print that is both striking and statement-making. Sonam managed to make this vintage print cool and modern. She even managed to blend decades in one outfit by opting to match this look with edgy ankle boots. For this look, keep your makeup look smokey and eye-catching.


03/5Haute couture

Haute couture

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is definitely one to watch on the red carpet. Her style is extravagant, unique and stylish for grand events. For a vintage feel, the star updated a black dress with acorseted blouse and sheer sleeves. Now, that's a fun way to experiment. The look is dramatic and haute couture. So if you have a big occasion coming up soon, this is definitely a style you can recreate for it.


04/5Polka dots

Polka dots

Sonam looks gorgeous in an all-white button-down top featuring puffed sleeves. The polka dot band added a glamorous and vintage touch to the outfit. The monochrome ensemble is from Dice Kayek's Fall 2019 collection. Polka dots styles are very popular. The cool 1970s design can be worn in subtle and bold ways. You can even try this pattern with scarves or shoes.


05/5Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves

Ditch bare-shouldered blouses for puffy sleeves. This old style has resurfaced and become a hot new trend of the season. Sonam Kapoor is rocking this style in a red hot way and with a lot of confidence. You can try this style on a power suit or opt for jumpsuits. This combo definitely has an old meets new feels. Choose bright colours for this look since it is summer.