01/8Look cute while practising the art of yoga

Look cute while practising the art of yoga

If you love a knit feel, then you will love this cropped open-back cotton top. It is also super dressy and versatile, you can wear it for your yoga class or pair it with any gym wear to give you that cool girl vibe. You could also match it with knit-look shorts. Whatever your choice, you'll look fab doing yoga anywhere.


02/8If you want to look retro

If you want to look retro

They say the clothes can reveal your personality and allow you to express yourself. Your workout wear can also do just that with the right look. If you are a retro kinda gal, try classic neutrals like navy or beige with colourful stripes. You can also tie in this look with a pair of black sneakers to look chic as you walk to and fro your yoga class.


03/8Workout wear perfect for hot yoga

Workout wear perfect for hot yoga

If you are trying out a hot yoga class, you'll want to wear something very comfortable so you can stretch out well while you sweat it out. But you also want to look cute right? Try a colour-blocked sports bra over semi high-waisted shorts. Its cool, cute and easy to sport while you practise the art of yoga.


04/8Look shiny in shimmery fabrics

Look shiny in shimmery fabrics

With so many styles and colours out there, why look basic when you are working out. If you like to sparkle outside of a night club, try something shiny for your next yoga class. Of course, less is more so you don't want to sparkle too brightly. A great way to add a bit of shimmer is with a V-neckline sports bra paired with a white jacket and leggings.


05/8Straightforward gym look

Straightforward gym look

If you're not the keeping up with the trends kind, yet want to spruce up your yoga wear, we've got just the style for you. A bra combined with leggings is best if you are going to be participating in various classes, apart from yoga. It is functional and darn right pretty. This activewear is easy to wear and most of all comfortable to be in while working out.


06/8Matchy-Matchy pairing

Matchy-Matchy pairing

Love layering? Then you'll want to pair tights with a cool coloured tee and jacket. It offers a cosy and stylish aesthetic, without trying too hard. This simple low key attire is especially ideal for chilly days.


07/8Strappy bodysuit

Strappy bodysuit

If you can't be bothered, picking and choosing what top goes with which pant, then try a strappy bodysuit that is super stretchy and comfortable to wear. Not only can you perform your moves well at yoga class, but you'll also look great doing it.


08/8Flare Pants

Flare Pants

A lot of people aren't into tight pants while doing yoga. And that is ok because there's a fabulous option you need to try. The stylish high-waisted flare is designed to keep you cool and comfortable. So you can practise the art with much ease.