01/6These denim trends will be everywhere in 2020

These denim trends will be everywhere in 2020

In case you didn’t realise, we’re already in the eight month of the year, meaning we are well beyond the first half of this ‘new year.’ However, instead of freaking out, we decided to deep dive into fashion, bring out the fashion trends that are going to be huge in the coming year. Since denims are the post popular fashion staple, and take notoriously long to find one that fits you perfectly, we’ll be dissecting denim trends in the coming season. So if you’re in the market for a brand new pair of jeans in the coming season, and are wondering what’s ‘in vogue’ ahead is a list of denim trends that will be hugely popular in the coming year!


02/6Carpenter Jeans

Carpenter Jeans

Our favorite workwear trend au moment: the carpenter jean. They're straight legged, contain multiple pockets (score), and probably even include a loop for your keys. Throw on a pair with a white tank for an easy Fall look.




Who thought the asymmetrical hemlines that we so loved in our dresses would someday translate to our denim jeans? We didn’t. Celine Dion was caught wearing a pair of mismatched jeans and the trend caught on ever since. While the trend is completely wild, and definitely not for the fashion newbie, it’s great for those who can’t pick between their straight cut and boot cut jeans!




Here’s another fashion trend that we thought would never come into the denim world. But hey, fashion is all about taking those unexpected risk, so, we’re not surprised. Major designers are introducing patchwork not only in their denims , but also in their shirts and outerwear. It’s definitely rustic!


05/6"Jnco" Jeans

"Jnco" Jeans

The ‘JNCO’ jeans are perfect for those who’re trying to look slimmer and taller. (umm, who isn’t?) These previously popular jeans style have now received a 2020 upgrade. They now have a flattering tailored waist and extra wide legs that flare up as you go towards the hemline. Lovin’ it!




Come summers and come pastels – this used to be the rule, wasn’t it? Not so much, for the upcoming fall season. Designers all over are taking cue from summer’s most favourite colours, pastels and putting all over your denims. This would especially make you happy, if you already own a pastel jean from this season!