01/6Fashion items that might do more harm to you than good!

Fashion items that might do more harm to you than good!

Do you live, breathe, eat and sleep fashion? Well, while it's great that you're an absolute fashionista, you also need to be careful about the fashion items you wear. Why, you ask? Well, turns out that many of these fashion items and accessories could actually damage your health. As hard as it might be for you to believe, there are certain fashion items that could be hurting your body every day because you use them so regularly. So, without further ado, take a look at all the fashion items you own that you need to be super careful of using.

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02/6Tight jeans

Tight jeans

We're all used to wearing those skinny jeans by now and in fact, most of us prefer it to other types of jeans or pants. But did you know that these really tight jeans can actually damage your health? That's right, they can constrict blood flow to your legs and can end up damaging nerves and veins in your legs. They can also cause issues in your hips and waist. So, if you must opt for skinny jeans, make sure to pick up a pair that also lets your legs move and breathe.




Is your foot flat? It isn't, right? You'll notice how there's a tiny arch in your foot and ladies that arch needs proper support. So, when you opt for footwear like flip-flops which are absolutely flat, it can eventually lead to serious health complications like severe backaches, spine issues and even pain in your heels. So, make sure to wear the right kind of footwear so that it can give your feet the support they need.


04/6Heavy jewellery

Heavy jewellery

As much as you might love your chunky and heavy jewellery, you have to admit that after a point it does get tiring to have those pieces on. Heavy earrings can weigh down your earlobes and cause them to stretch while heavy neckpieces can affect your posture by lying too heavily around your neck. So make sure to invest in jewellery that is light in weight even if it looks heavy.


05/6Ill-fitted bras

Ill-fitted bras

Yep, even your favourite bras can be a source of major health issues for you. From restricting blood circulation to affecting your spine and even causing pain in your shoulders, ill-fitted bras are the worst thing you can opt for. Your bra should neither be smaller or bigger than your size, it needs to be absolutely perfect.




Didn't expect to see this on the list, did you? Well, now that you're stuck indoors all day long, we're sure you're sitting in your comfiest pair of pyjamas. And while that's alright, what isn't okay is for you to wear it consecutively. Your pyjamas can also harbour bacteria and sweat from your body so make sure to get into a fresh pair of pyjamas every single day.