01/5Types of denim shirts you should invest in if you want to look amazing!

Types of denim shirts you should invest in if you want to look amazing!

We can all agree that if there's one fabric out there that works wonders for everyone, it has to be denim. It's the most versatile fabric out there so whether you opt for a pair of denim jeans or a crisp denim shirt or even a denim jacket to throw on a trendy dress, you'll end up looking fabulous in everything denim. So, like us, if you're a huge fan of denim shirts, why just stick to one type? You should have a hoard of different ones in your closet for all your different outfit needs. Here is a list of denim shirts you absolutely should invest in if you want your swag on at all times! Take a look.


02/5One with a dark hue

One with a dark hue

Yes, faded and washed out denims have been in trend for oh-so-long now but it won't hurt to have one denim shirt that features a darker hue than the rest of your denim shirts. It'll help give a balance to your wardrobe. Team this one with a pair of black pants and see how well it'll work together.


03/5The one that'll make a statement

The one that'll make a statement

If you're looking to make a statement with your outfits then a denim shirt is the best thing to opt for. From motifs to glitter, literally everything looks good on a denim shirt. All you need to do is throw it on and you'll be good to go without putting in any extra efforts.


04/5The oversized one

The oversized one

Every girl needs to have at least one classic oversized denim shirt in her closet. Not only will it keep you feeling comfy throughout the day, it'll also look really chic on you. Just team it with a pair of well fitting pants and you should be good to go.


05/5The short one

The short one

A short denim shirt is just what you need to give things your own spin. Team it with a pair of pants or a skirt and see how well it'll work. Plus, these ones can double up as a jacket too. Throw them on dresses and maxi gowns and see just how amazing you'll look.