01/8Types of palazzos that will take your fashion game to the next level

Types of palazzos that will take your fashion game to the next level

While we all love our denims there's no denying that they don't really make for the most comfortable fabric during summers. And now that the summer season is basically upon us, what you need is something that will keep you feeling comfy while also making you look uber stylish. One piece of clothing that can help you achieve that easy breezy look is a palazzo. Since they happen to be wide-legged trousers that are also flared, they'll keep you feeling really comfortable and their cut ensures that you end up looking chic no matter what you team them with. From crop tops to kurtis, palazzos can be teamed with just about anything which makes them such a versatile option too. So, here are a few different types of palazzos that you can opt for.


02/8Cropped Palazzos

Cropped Palazzos

Cropped Palazzos are the new trend in town and for good reason. They're made in a way that they trail at the heels but end inches above your ankles. If you're looking for a casual outfit then you really need to invest in this type of palazzo. It'll team well with tops and kurtis and will be perfect for your casual outings.




Think of them like cropped palazzos but even shorter. Culottes look rather chic and end at the knees to help give you a sleek and feminine look. The way they're cut also gives them the appearance of a skirt which helps add to their feminine vibe. Try opting for a formal pair of culottes and you're bound to grab eyeballs at work.


04/8Tie Up Palazzos

Tie Up Palazzos

These look like there's a belt integrated into your palazzos and they work rather well with tucked in tops. What's best about them is that they give off the appearance of a skirt from behind and pants from the front so you end up with a rather chic looking ensemble.


05/8Straight-cut palazzos

Straight-cut palazzos

Straight-cut palazzos like the name suggests are cut out in a shape that will be parallel to your legs which makes them ideal to team with just about everything. So, think of them like straight cut pants but with more flare. So, while they do happen to be super versatile, some options you could try are your basic tees, elaborate kurtis and your tops.


06/8Flared Palazzos

Flared Palazzos

The best thing about flared palazzos is that they're so breezy. They're slimmer at the top and really flared at the bottom which gives them that skirt-like feminine look. What you can do is opt for one with intricate details or ruffles and team it with a kurti or top in a solid colour to lay more emphasis to your palazzo. Trust us, that is bound to look amazing.


07/8Pleated Palazzos

Pleated Palazzos

Think multiple types of pleats when you think about pleated palazzos. There's such a huge variety to choose from that you'll go berserk. If you're looking for a formal look then pleated palazzos should be your go-to option. And then you could always go out to the club after office hours because you'll still look amazing.


08/8Layered Palazzos

Layered Palazzos

Again like the name suggests, layered palazzos are the type that has layers. It happens to have two fabrics attached to it which honestly gives it a rather unique look. So, team it with an embellished top or a fancy kurti and see just how well it works for you.