01/8These ethical fashion brands are changing the game in fashion

These ethical fashion brands are changing the game in fashion

As a society, we are more environmentally and ethically conscious than we have ever been. From wanting to reduce our plastic usage to supporting the practice of fair trade, we are finally beginning to take responsibility for our purchasing choices. So why not have a second look at the clothes we wear? Enter ethical fashion. But ethical fashion doesn’t just mean sustainable. It covers a range of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment, and animal welfare. Read on to know some of our favourite ethical fashion brands.




For those of you whose wardrobe revolves around the basics, you will develop an instant liking for Everlane. Their line is affordable, ethically-made (of course!) and featuring a brand new twist on the age old basic. Expect to find an unexpected flair in an A-line dress or box-cut tees in never-before seen colours.




Who doesn’t love good bargain? The founders of threadUP think so too. You can now exchange your old clothes and grab new ethically made wardrobe pieces at a fraction of price. An intelligent pun, threadUP (trade-up) helps you catch two birds with one stone – recycling of old clothes and purchase of new ethically made clothes.




ABLE is all about empowering unprivileged women and as staunch feminists; we’re huge supporters of ABLE. It aims to end generational poverty by working exclusively fairly-paid women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances. In case you’re unable to find the right size or colour in their collection of beautiful bags and wardrobe staples, it also ABLE also offers free unlimited US shipping back and forth until you find the perfect fit on your apparel, denim, or shoes.




London based organic clothing wear brand isn’t what it sounds like. Think more classic, chic and wearable. It started out as a men’s wear label, but brand slowly paved their way to women’s wear. The organic fabrics like naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp are also free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. The brand also keeps its carbon footprint down by making its clothing in one place.


06/8Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel champions sustainable and eco-friendly materials, non-toxic and low-impact dyes, and fair labour for its workers. Their collections are usually made up of wardrobe essentials with modern silhouettes, keeping the wearer’s comfort in mind. Started in 1995, the brand’s style mission is to re-create the charm of soft, lived-in look of clothes.




According to their website, Monsoon's factories are regularly visited by their own audit teams and teams of external experts to ensure their code of conduct (which focuses on ethical labour practices) is being upheld. Chic maxi dresses, sexy club wear and your every day staples, the brand’s clothing is perfect for the modern day woman who is well-versed and well-travelled.


08/8H&M Conscious Collection

H&M Conscious Collection

While H&M is a high-street brand often associated with "fast fashion", it does have a conscious collection that provides ethically designed clothing, and uses organic and recycled materials. Our only hope is that this paves the way for the remainder of their collection; indeed, the brand has promised it is going to aim for all clothing to be completely sustainable by 2030.