01/7Dress for the job you want. Here’s how!

Dress for the job you want. Here’s how!

Job interviews can be so intense – they’re the potential start of something new. You’re nervous, you’re excited, and you’re determined to show off the best version of yourself. Obviously, nothing can replace a stellar resume and your sparkling wit, but we’d be lying if we said, that’s about it. Human beings are primarily visual and as clichéd as it sounds, first impressions do matter. Hence, you gotta pull yourself together, clean up and clean up real good. You ought to be well-dressed but still not over-dressed. But if you’re wondering how to achieve that, read on!


02/7Sensible jewelry

Sensible jewelry

When dressing up for interview, pick jewelry that is subtle and feminine. You do not want something that’s louder than you. Accessories should complement your look, but shouldn’t speak for you. Think of it this way – a jewelry less look may make you come across as shabby and loud jewelry may make you seem too casaual. You want to find a middle ground.


03/7Nude nails

Nude nails

For interviews- either opt for natural looking French manicures or nude & natural looking nail colours. Bright reds, playful mint and green do not have a place at an interview. The idea is to make the nail colour an effortless part of your outfit. If your nails grab attention without even trying, you know you’ve picked the wrong shade of colour. Alternatively, also be mindful of nails not being chipped or dirty.


04/7A sharp layering piece

A sharp layering piece

A layering piece is the easiest way to make a casual outfit appear more formal when layered and a formal outfit more relaxed when take off – this will come in handy. Because you can never tell how friendly or formal the place is going to be, and you gotta fit in. Always carry a blazer along. Your other outfit pieces could be relaxed pair of trousers and formal looking blouse.


05/7A sturdy pair of shoes

A sturdy pair of shoes

Your shoes give away far more about you than you would know. Apart from the woman who has a closet full of shoes, they’re often underrated. For your interview, make sure your shoes are clean, preferably closed toe and comfortable. Walk around on all kind of surfaces to ensure they don’t clank as you walk.


06/7A polished bag

A polished bag

Despite the digitalisation of the world, you’re expected to carry your CV. And you don’t want to be running your look, by pulling out your CV from a dingy bag you can do-away with. Look for a bag that’s structured and one that allows you to store your CV correctly and a few other things.


07/7Commuting shoes

Commuting shoes

If you live in the hustle bustle of a metropolitan city in the country, chances are your ‘sensible’ are going to look hobbled and worn out by the time you reach the office. You need a pair of flat slip ons, that you can slip into just as easily, store easily in the bag you’re carrying.