01/5Ladies, keep these fashion tips in mind if you're in your 30s

Ladies, keep these fashion tips in mind if you're in your 30s

You're finally in your 30s, that age where everything makes a lot more sense than it did in your 20s. While you may have been a total diva when you were in college and maybe you loved experimenting with styles in your 20s, your 30s are the time when you need to be sure about what suits you best. You can't still be experimenting with styles or wearing clothes that make you look super unflattering. And just because you might have the body type that can pull anything off doesn't mean you should wear any random outfit that comes to your mind. So, take a look at these fashion tips that you should keep in mind if you're in your 30s.


02/5Opt for classy handbags

Opt for classy handbags

The one thing you absolutely must opt for at this age is a classy handbag. Do away with quirky totes or boring backpacks. Your 30s are the time when you need to look as elegant and classy as possible. Trust us, it'll go well with everything and will leave you with an aura of sophistication.


03/5Wear the right denims

Wear the right denims

We know you absolutely love those super ripped and distressed jeans but the time to don those has passed. Now, is the time for you to look chic and elegant. So, opt for denim jeans that look classy and if you still want to try something fun you could just opt for double shaded jeans and team it with a trendy top.


04/5Graphic tees are a no-no

Graphic tees are a no-no

Well, to be honest, graphic tees or bedazzled tees are something that you should stop wearing the moment you step out of college but if you wore them in your 20s we'll still forgive you. Your 30s are a big no-no for these trends though. Start opting for more basic and chic tees and shirts to help you look more polished.


05/5Wear the right colours

Wear the right colours

Try to avoid wearing neon colours or any colour that could look super unflattering on you. Invest in light colours like pastels and cream textures that can add a certain aura of elegance to your look. You could always team your light outfits with bold makeup and still look fabulous.