01/5It’s time you didn’t torture your feet

It’s time you didn’t torture your feet

Let’s be honest, life isn’t Met Gala, and as much as you would want to fit into the near copy stilettos your favoruite celebrity wore at the red carpet, it has too many things going against it than along with it. Its heels are too sculpted and not meant for your normal size feet. So why torture your feet by slipping into a pair of heels too darn small? Especially when your day involves, walking, running and moving around (without an entourage that ensures you’re looking your best) Good for us, shoes don’t always need to be uncomfortable to be chic. You can of course kick two birds with one arrow. Ahead are some fuss-free into shoes, that we can guarantee will uplift your entire look while keeping your feet breezy.


02/5DressBerry Nude-Coloured Solid Synthetic Mules

DressBerry Nude-Coloured Solid Synthetic Mules

Mules are the French word for slippers – which basically means they’re an upgrade over your regular slippers. With a closed toe, they’re perfect for a office setting as well as a casual one. We love that it comes these pair come in an earthy shade, making it versatile and an additional tip, just breaking the tone from the regular mules we see.


03/5Roadster Navy Blue Casual Shoes with Laser Cuts

Roadster Navy Blue Casual Shoes with Laser Cuts

Add a little bit of gender-bender element in your ensemble by slipping into these oxford shoes. They’re easy on the eyes, have a formal silhouette and come with laser cut holes for more breathability. Talk about comfort and style coming together!


04/5Shoetopia Black Sliders

Shoetopia Black Sliders

Can’t be bothered with a closed toe and any kind of straps? Check out these sliders. While most of these are so comfortable that they almost do away this any sense of style, we love that these pair of sliders aren’t. Their matching flower embellishments make a cute addition to the look.


05/5DressBerry Women Yellow Espadrilles

DressBerry Women Yellow Espadrilles

Espadrilles are our best bet, when we’re looking for the comfort of a slipper but want a closed toe option. This bright yellow pair of shoes are the perfect way jazz up any outfit, especially on a summer day