01/5Follow these habits to stay stylish at all times!

Follow these habits to stay stylish at all times!

We all know a friend who is always well-dressed. So much, that we’re downright envious of them. We’ve prayed to get that superhuman quality this fashionable friend possesses! But the truth is, there ain’t no superhuman quality. They are just well-prepared. There’s a reason you don’t see them without a week old coffee stains and or painful heels one would give up on mid-day. Because these things don’t happen with them, because they know how to deal with them.Not only are your fashionable friends well prepared, they also have a set of helpful habits they rely to keep looking stylist. Lucky for you, we have an inside scoop. Ahead are some helpful habits stylish women always rely on!


02/5Plan their outfit the night before

Plan their outfit the night before

If an outfit looks put together and carefully curated, it’s because it is! But who has time to do that every time you in the morning, where scrambling to get ready, right? Beat yourself to the punch. Carefully think about what you’re going to wear. Pull out your weather app to see if it is fit for the weather and pull that outfit out. You will thank yourself in the morning.


03/5Give Themselves Plenty of Time to Get Ready

Give Themselves Plenty of Time to Get Ready

Now, if you thought deciding what you’re going to wear before you climbed into bed is going to win you extra minutes in the bed, how wrong are you! Dressing up stylishly is an effort. Keep up and get up. Don’t hit that snooze button three times. Instead, get up on the designated time. Fix your hair, match your shoes and throw on a special piece of detail. It’s all in the details, ladies.


04/5Select the Right Undergarments

Select the Right Undergarments

A carefully curated outfit is just waiting to unravel into a mess if you haven’t worn the right kind of undergarments underneath. Stylish women understand undergarments are the foundation of a good outfit.Keep the fabric, hue and silhouette of your outfit before you pick out your undergarments. Nobody wants to give an inadvert peep show, especially stylish women.


05/5Follow Other Stylish Women For Inspiration

Follow Other Stylish Women For Inspiration

It’s one of those cheesy, philosophical things you hear, you never stop learning. Stylish women are embodiment of this rule. While some of their looks may be crafted all by themselves, they will be the first to admit they pin endlessly on Pinterest and have a bunch of pictures saved on their Instagram.