01/8Take inspiration from the Duchess to style your blazer like a boss!

Take inspiration from the Duchess to style your blazer like a boss!

The new Duchness Meghan Markle has always had an enviable sense of style. But it’s commendable to note that even after entering to the Royal family, her sense of style hasn’t changed, only become more refined. Despite the strict rules, Meghan has managed to win our hearts with her individualistic sartorial taste. And she now has a signature look and taste she can call her own. While her messy bun may not have always had fans, her power dressing always has. The Duchess has an affinity towards blazers and it shows. Let’s take a look at how she styles it to perfection; in hopes we’re able to emulate it too!


02/8Colours are Cute

Colours are Cute

For the spring, Meghan aptly chose a brightly coloured spring dress – it was definitely the highlight of the look. But her signature blazer was the perfect accessory!


03/8White is Right

White is Right

On a hot summer day, when wearing a black double breasted becomes too much to deal with, the Duchess chooses a crisp, clean white blazer. The immaculate white is breath of fresh and is super chic!


04/8Breaking Fashion Rules

Breaking Fashion Rules

Markle's blue blazer and black shirt and jeans totally break the old fashion rule of not wearing black and blue together. This isn't the first time Markle has broken the rule, though.


05/8Separates are sexy

Separates are sexy

When Meghan and Harry announced their engagement, everybody expected the Duchess to make dresses and pantyhose her uniform. Surprising one and all, she stepped out in a black separates. It was the debut of her Alexander McQueen blazer.


06/8Over the shoulder

Over the shoulder

Even wear she does wear dresses, there’s an element of structure, power dressing in her outfits. Here, Meghan has a relaxed approach to her structured blazer. She throws it over her shoulder instead of wearing it.


07/8Crop it out

Crop it out

Meghan doesn’t just have one trusty blazer she wears differently – she has different styles of blazers that she wears differently. Here, Meghan wears a cropped Givenchy blazer along with her trouser, that allows her room to move around.


08/8Dress it for the win

Dress it for the win

What do you do when you have a long standing love for blazers but are expected to wear a dress? You wear both, at one time! Here, Meghan is seen wearing a blazer as a dress, while staying modest and looking sophisticated.