01/8Don’t let it rain on your (fashion) parade!

Don’t let it rain on your (fashion) parade!

It finally rained in our city and as much as glorious it was, the first thought we had while we were tightly closing the windows after taking the clothes from the clothing line inside the house was, “Oh my god! It’s raining. What am I going to wear to work tomorrow?” While rains may be welcome after months of scorching heat, they also mean doing away with a major part of the wardrobe. You can’t wear light colours, neither can you wear jeans. Track pants may be ideal, but also questionable. So what should you wear during the monsoons? And more over, what should wear during monsoon that also looks, a tad stylish? Confused? Here’s help!


02/8Pick the right footwear

Pick the right footwear

Your ideal footwear for the season would be made up of a proper water resistant material, have a good grip and sole and ideally with open toes. This specially goes for people who struggle with shoes that smell foul!


03/8Say no to leather or suede

Say no to leather or suede

Not only are we asking to not wear anything made up of leather or suede, we’re asking you to neatly wrap and store these shoes or accessories. Moisture tends to wreck up leather and suede. Hence it is highly recommended to wrap them up.


04/8Short hemlines

Short hemlines

It’s obvious, but we got to point it out! Culottes over trousers. Midi length dresses over maxi dresses. Shorter hemlines mean an ease to walk with and not having your clothes getting wet in rain water at the slightest sight of it!


05/8Choose the right fabric

Choose the right fabric

While you’re picking your clothes, pay special attention to the fabric of your clothes. Quick drying fabrics like lycra, mull, polyester or jersey. But that being said, you will need to use the deodorant heavily, because these fabrics aren’t the most sweat-friendly. Stay away from light-knots, linens and cotton.


06/8Don’t do denims

Don’t do denims

Denims are a staple for every girl and boy. They’re versatile and depending on the type of fit, often comfortable. But they can literally weight you down during the monsoon season. Denims tend to flare up and weigh more when wet. To make things worse, they take forever to dry up! It’s a smarter choice to choose light weight trousers or dresses instead.


07/8White ain’t right!

White ain’t right!

As the rains start pouring, it is highly recommended to stay away from whites. Obvious, isn’t it? But it had to be said. Aside from whites, we suggest you must stay away from light pastel shades too. Why? Because, not only they have a chance of being see through, they show up stains on them far more easily.


08/8Bright colours to the rescue

Bright colours to the rescue

While rains may mean cooler climate and the fragrant smell of wet soil, it also means gloominess, which is why dressing in cool toned blues, blacks and greys may just be a boring, dull affair. Looking to brighten up your wardrobe? Look for dark bright colours like reds, greens. You can also choose bold prints to jazz up your look.