01/5Here's how you style a high-waisted pair of pants

Here's how you style a high-waisted pair of pants

Ever found a pair of jeans that fit not too tight, not too loose but just right? The comfort, the fit, the quality - all of it makes you feel like wearing it over and over. And once these pants start wearing off, it breaks a tiny part of you. Slim fits are great, but it gets uncomfortable to fake the appearance of a longer torso. On the other side, wide-leg or flare pants risks the bottom half of your body. This is why, straight-leg high-waisted pants works magical for short girls. We've got you a few tips on how to style high-waisted pants and make yourself look a little more stylist and taller.


02/5Tuck in a blouse

Tuck in a blouse

What's the point of putting on a high-waisted pair of pants if you are going to tuck in your blouse? If you have a short torso, opt for tops with bigger volume rather than slim-fits. Tucking in a blouse will only highlight your waist more if you wish to flaunt your hourglass shape.


03/5Avoid high-cropped pants

Avoid high-cropped pants

Let your ankle peek, that's fine. But if you're going to buy yourself a pair of pants that start showing up your calf then it'll only look like you've unnecessarily pulled your pants way too higher than needed. Hence, sticking to longer lengths rather than cropped ones will work fine for you.


04/5Try pulling of a monochrome look

Try pulling of a monochrome look

We say this because putting on a single colour head to toe will create one long lean line like illusion while the high-waisted pants does its magic. This is why we see several celebrities stepping out in monochrome outfits with well-defines waist and no weird proportion in sight.


05/5Opt for higher necklines than any other

Opt for higher necklines than any other

Women with short torso would love to put together an outfit with a v-neck top and good fitting pants. But in reality, v-necks elongate the middle and guides the eyes downwards. Whereas if you put on a higher neckline top, it'll keep a person's eyes right on top and not on your waistline which you even otherwise didn't want to be a focus. Crew necks and turtle necks works well on high-waisted pants as they draw the eyes up and creates the illusion of a longer middle.